August 19, 2013


  • $120,000- 102 Jefferson Avenue- Walker E.R. Gusewelle and Elizabeth H. Gusewelle to Kyle Bohnenstiehl


  • $155,000- 4831 Bambi Dr.- Shannon Effinger to Jeffrey P. and Shannon Laplant

  • $14,800- 2355 State St.- Roger Zimpel to Scott A. Jenkins


  • $67,500- 710 Homm Street- The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Joshua L. Finnegan and Ryan M. Snyder

  • $68,900- 134 Surrey Lane- Andrew and Megan Johnson and Jeffrey Erwin to Mandy L. Crowson


  • $233,067- 723 Saint Clair Avenue- Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

East Alton

  • $45,000- 605 Washington Avenue- Donald Herrmann to Kathleen Henke


  • $45,000- State Route 159- Bluestem Properties LLC to Joshua Lowe

Glen Carbon

  • $52,500- 131 Oakshire Drive West- Glen Carbon Land Development LLC to Remington Properties LLC

  • $52,500- 508 Briarstone Drive- Glen Carbon Land Development LLC to Remington Properties LLC


  • $138,000- 908 Robert Dr.- Richard L. and Kathleen Wiedenfeld to Nicole KW Healey

  • $42,000- 5712 Sir Galahad Lane- Jerome J. Greco to Brian Markert

  • $83,000- 7224 Montclair Avenue- Sylvia D. Killion to Anthony and Amber Sims

  • $135,000- 3302 Rosenberg Lane- Robert D. Gergen to Dennis Burnett

Granite City

  • $27,500- 419 Virginia Street- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Teresa Barrera

  • $59,000- 133 Big Four Place- Connie L. Winters to Brandon Khammanivong

  • $79,500- 4209 Bruene Avenue- HSBC Mortgage Services INC. to Richard L. Brakebill


  • $10,500- 706 Iowa St.- Sabre Group LLC to Mabel Willis

South Roxana

  • $1,200- 705 Biltmore Blvd.- Great Southern Bank to Kenneth Wood


  • $195,884- 216 Remington Court- U.S. Bank to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Wood River

  • $80,000- 110 Eaton Ave.- Thelma Kochan to Robert A. Yungck

  • $72,050- 670 East Penning Avenue- Dan L. Dreier and Patricia A. Dreier to Robert Joseph Tuttle

August 20, 2013


  • $125,000- 4805 Cinderella Drive- Christopher M. Scoggins to Nancy J. Becoat

  • $107,026- 2133 Norside Drive- The Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

  • $39,900- 1117 E. 5th St.- Randall Scott Wallace to Tricia Thaxton


  • $135,000- 5240 State Route 140- Robert Wolff and Donna Wolff to Brianna K. Mick


  • $45,000- 1412 Alice- Kondaur Capital Corp. to Anthony J. Janini

  • $126,500- 1600 Vandalia St.- Anthony W. Fourdyce and Diane L. Fourdyce to Willard Payne and Debra Payne

  • $244,000- 40 Woodford Way- Diana Jane Hill to Catherine Fischer Carpenter

  • $65,000- 104 Eastwood- Byron T. Dossett to Garry R. Riddle and Christina M. Riddle

  • $69,000- 124 Wood Ct- Federal National Mortgage Association to Joseph Varel

East Alton

  • $11,880- 176 South Pence Street- The Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

  • $45,500- 137 Victory Dr.- Brian S. Brogan to Raymond Lee Ferguson and Alice Mae Ferguson

  • $30,553- 95 Bonds Avenue- Household Finance Corporation III to Elsie M. Palmer and Kenneth J. Palmer


  • $127,000- 36 Washington Place- Jana Hunt and Barbara Esker to Samantha McCulloch

  • $182,500- 783 Chancellor Drive- George James Heil and Nancy S. Heil to Benedict Sterbenz and Sharon Sterbenz

  • $188,000- 205 Alexander Dr.- Timothy J. Young and Tricia Young to Frederick W. Prueter and Megan A. Carlson

  • $264,000- 2892 Indian Meadows Lane- Michael Paul Jenkins and Lori Ann Jenkins to Joshua May and Carla May

  • $167,000- 109 Allen Street- Paul M. and Joan M. Santaro to Thomas R. and Nancy L. Metzler

  • $43,000- 27 Shell Lane- Ann E. Merrick to Burrows Investments LLC

  • $143,000- 930 Hillsboro- Donald A. Jordan and Tiffany Well to Kelsie E. Ward and Rosemary K. Ward

Granite City

  • $66,000- 2525 Angela Dr.- Opai Ra-Chel Downs to Amanda M. Dunnavant


  • $84,000- 1019 Luzerne Street- Courtney P. Gibson to Timothy L. Brooks and Theresa Brooks


  • $68,390- 1204 Alton Ave.- Sharon K. Cass to William R. Privette and Evetta B. Privette


  • $205,000- 127 Shadowbrooke- Troy Real Estate LLC to Michael Jenkins and Lori Jenkins

Wood River

  • $38,000- 237 South 7th Street- Fannie Mae to Patrick O. Brown


  • $289,000- 121 Brook Road- Joseph Chiappa and Deona Chiappa to William W. Weidner and Jeanne M. Weidner

August 21, 2013


  • $30,000- 2323 Locust- Joseph A. Brewer Jr. to Marco Riddlespriger and Aleatha Riddlespriger

  • $54,000- 2317 Sanford Avenue- Laura Kuchnicki to Tamra L. Robertson


  • $50,000- 716 N. Center Street- Robert D. Oberto to Dolores I. Oberto to Thomas E. Collins and Deborah A. Collins

  • $79,900- 614 Illinois Avenue- Vanessa M. Huber to Gary Childress

Granite City

  • $27,000- 2246 Edison Ave.- David Hagopian and Cheryl Hagopian to David E. Cooper

  • $26,500- 1625 Mitchell Ave.- Thomas R. Colbert to House Commander LLC

  • $19,500- 2209 Wilson Ave.- Beneficial Financial I INC. to Gilmore Properties and Investments LTD

  • $56,000- 2812 Harding Avenue- U.S. Bank to Nathan Brimm

  • $13,100- 2430 State Street- The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jeffrey D. Melton and Bobbi M. Haddix


  • $85,000- 8700 Maple Grove Road- Robert J. Helms to Brian L. Brady

  • $60,000- 5853 Old Poag Road- Kara Mae Wright to Marla Kay Hanson


  • $112,000- 12971 Buckeye Rd.- Goshen Real Estate LLC to Jason Grieve and Elizabeth Grieve

  • $47,000- 1523 Pine Street- Shirley Trame to Lisa M. Schwarz

  • $35,000- 3418 Fairway Dr.- Frey Properties of Highland to Matthew T. and Angela E. Powers

  • $156,000- 1817 Zschokke Street- Micah A. Roe and Natasha K. Roe

  • $96,300- 612 9th Street- John C. Apgar III and Crystal C. Apgar to Michael B. Sharp

August 22, 2013


  • $21,900- 2206 Judson Avenue- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Kahuner Lanee Simon

  • $60,000- 2005 Wilkening Dr.- Neva B. Curren Estate to Joanne Wickenhauser

  • $29,000- 3507 Meriodocia – Beneficial Financial I INC. to Janice Bornes


  • $34,436- 208 W. Central St.- Wells Fargo Bank to Timothy P. Mayfield

  • $164,000- 108 Hampton Street- Christina M. Dutton to Craig E. Rejmenczak and Candice M. Rejmenczak


  • $1,289,291- 379 North Bluff St.- GE Capital Franchise Finance Company to ARC CAFEUSA001 LLC

  • $106,000- 126 Roger Drive- Peter Larsson and Virginia Larsson to John Wood and Emily Wagner

East Alton

  • $117,500- 512 Oak St.- Kevin D. and Sandra P. Tharp to Andrew Hoth and Dori Strader

  • $15,872- 645 Washington Ave.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Home America LLC


  • $34,350,000- 7 and 29 West Gateway Commerce Center Drive- TMT Properties INC. to Edwardsville Industrial Portfolio LLC

  • $126,028- 305 West Linden Street- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD

  • $120,000- 418 Circle Drive- Sylvia Marie McDougal and Anthony F. Giardina to Sandra K. Stanton


  • $165,000- 1707 Meyer Ct.- Susan M. Roberts Trust to Charles J. and Maryella D. Heitz

Granite City

  • $1,306,774- 1570 Johnson Road- GE Capital Franchise Finance Company to ARC CAFEUSA001 LLC

  • $29,000- 2232 Edison Avenue- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Jorge Ayala Torres

  • $13,000- 2117 Benton- Michael W. Wisdom and Denise Wisdom to Daniel Ischetter and Kimberly Bilderback

  • $41,000- 2840 Fortune Drive- Jason S. McKee to Wise Choice Properties INC.


  • $11,500- 108 E. 4th St. Ollie Fern Smith to Joshua G. Carroll


  • $72,900- 205 East Pocahontas Road- Timothy Lee Brooks and Theresa Twilene Brooks to Austin Ulmer

  • $39,635- 12809 Buckeye Road- U.S. Bank to Jeremy J. Boesen


  • $133,900- 604 Copper Line Rd- Federal National Mortgage Association to James Kephart and Linda Kephart


  • $293,507- 9 Hook Pond Way- Huntington Chase Homes Corporation to Amanda L. Meier and Devin P. Meier

Wood River

  • $634,474- 1224 Edwardsville Road- GE Capital Franchise Finance Company to ARC CAFEUSA001 LLC

  • $64,000- 459 North Second Street- Helen V. Treadway to George M. Urban and John F. Urban

August 23, 2013


  • $64,506- 2315 Birch Street- Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

  • $79,000- 9178 Main Street- Paul J. and Amber L. Ely to Brett Bocian and Bruce E. Bocian

  • $9,000- 2612 Krum Street- HSBC Bank to Kaja Holdings LLC

  • $4,726- 2427 Gillis Street- Deutsche Bank to GOF LLC

  • $6,000- 1700 Storey Lane- Fred A. Denny JR. to Justin P. Bell and Tara Bell

  • $6,100- 1217 E 5th St.- Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Kaja Holdings LLC

  • $104,000- 450 East 3rd St.- Jenny Foley to Lisa M. Vaughan and Nicholas A. Varady


  • $178,500- 614 Georgia Street- Jerry H. and Sheryl L. Sharp to Donald J. and Katie L. Irvin


  • $86,000- 822 Victory Dr.- David W. Gansner to Casey L. Eaton

  • $12,000- Collinsville Road- Edward R. Lasich to Cahokia Mound Museum Society

Cottage Hills

  • $13,000- 199 Neunaber Street- Federal National Mortgage Association to Darrel Price and Sherran L. Price

East Alton

  • $12,000- 116 Herman- RJJ Services LLC to Rocky and Julie McDonald

  • $99,500- 623 East Airwood Drive- Michael L. and Tammy F. Graner to Lauren K. McGovern


  • $110,000- 103 Branch Drive- Allen Price Properties LLC to Maureen E. Posey

  • $30,000- 3 Logan Place- Merely Limited Liability Company to Paul Peters and Mary Peters

  • $125,900- 3823 Boulder Drive- Black Oak Development LLC to Richard F. Gedmin and Jillene N. Doctor

  • $7,000- Michigan Ave.- Delores J. Brown to Andrew Calloway

Glen Carbon

  • $175,000- 121 S. Main Street- David B. Brammeier, Brad D. Brammeier, and Brian W. Brammeier to Brandon Schneider

  • $165,000- 11 Old Orchard Lane- Brittany A. Delmore and Ryan Delmore to Marvin G. Munneke

  • $244,000- 149 Oaklawn Drive- Homefront Properties LLC to Christopher Fraley and Marissa Fraley

Granite City

  • $126,025- 2337 Terminal Avenue- The Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

  • $8,500- 667 Barkley Street- Wells Fargo Bank to Kaja Holdings LLC


  • $147,900- 30 Sunray Drive- Ronald D. Frassato and Karen S. Frassato to Ronald R. Nichols and Renee Ann Nichols


  • $170,000- 1016 Andra Drive- Adam C. Kress and Leah S. Kress to Sarah Mueller


  • $13,000- 240 Walnut St.- Wells Fargo Bank to Mohammed Islam


  • $60,000- 300 West Spangle Road- Morgan Cooper to Rochelle Rodriguez


  • $275,000- 801 Bauer Road- Cathy M. Krubsack to Charles F. Hall and Kim Hall

  • $196,089- 237 Harbor Mill Drive- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Wood River

  • $92,500- 667 Edlawn Street- Robert and Julie Sharp to Joshua Rhyne

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