August 12, 2013


  • $222,500- 1405 Double Eagle Circle- Kenneth P. Mebruer and Mary L. Mebruer to Lorenzo Powell and Melaniche Powell

  • $96,000- 326 South Virginia Avenue- Sarah Hill to Kayla R. Hull


  • $15,000- 107 Saint Robert Drive- Elkhorn Properties INC. to Robinson Realty LLC

  • $16,000- 1123 Upper Cahokia Rd.- Kirk Allison to Metro Property Partners LLC

East St. Louis

  • $10,000- 5957 Piat Place- Idellia Delk to Steven Scott and Jestina Scott

  • $400,000- 610-614 N. 89th Street- MMG Belleville LLC to STL Belleville L3IP LLC

  • $9,700- 645 N 27th St.- John R. Francis to Marico Bratcher Jr.

Fairview Heights

  • $93,000- 113 Mark Drive- C & J Properties to Keith Battleson and Jenna Battleson

  • $98,500- 12 Londonderry Drive- Opal Ruth Crawford to Tanner Wolk and Renee Ryterski

  • $175,000- 731 Saybrook Falls Drive- Nicholas A. and Ashley E. McCune to D & F Contracting


  • $196,000- 108 S. State Street- Robert G. Guller to HMR Investments LLC

  • $19,500- 110 North Edison Street- CCR Capital Group LLC to SMZ Corporation

  • $159,000- 201 E Hill St- Dwayne R. and Nancy L. Reaka to Aaron M. Reaka


  • $75,000- 102 West Main Street- William H. Hamrick to John and Cathy Mueller

  • $140,000- 224 South Madison- Jigneshkumar and Aarti Patel to Amit Patel


  • $35,000- 417 South Independence Street- Kenneth Hamann to James L. Brownfield and Bonnie F. Brownfield

  • $252,500- 1021 Remington Street- Tony W. Breeze and Michelle L. Breeze to Chase D. and Michele D. Vickers


  • $155,000- 513 W. Elm Street- Daniel W. Kieser and Mellany L. Kieser to Michael J. Weidele and Sherri L. Weidele

New Athens

  • $230,000- 1439 Old State Route 13- Rhonda D. Thessing to Jesse Petri and Carly Petri

  • $100,000- 810 Bertholdt Street- Jesse J. Petri and Carly J. Petri to Randy Douglas Frein


  • $92,500- 300 Fontainbleau- HSBC Bank to David T. Braden and Charity M. Braden

  • $88,000- 901 and 912 Briar Meadow Court, 917 and 916 Sturbridge Trail- Stone Briar LLC to McBride Stone Briar LLC

  • $236,823- 6813 Ridge Pointe Drive- McBride Stone Briar LLC to Frederick G. Brown

  • $237,000- 5005 Bristol Hill Drive- D & F Contracting INC. to Sloan J. Cox and Bethany S. Albecker

  • $252,000- 1445 Arley Hill Drive-D & F Contracting INC. to Ashley E. and Nicholas A. McCune


  • $104,000- 2309-2311 Richland Prairie Blvd.- Richland Prairie Trust #1 to Steve and Beverly Reeb

August 13, 2013


  • $106,500- 3328 Berwin Green Drive- Karen I. Toney to Daniel Thompson and Francisca Montes

  • $222,000- 3578 Sky Hawk Drive- Larry L. and Lavana Roth to Craig and Linda R. Seifferth

  • $48,000- 1703 Laurette Lane- Evelyn L. Kehder to Daphne M. Quirin

  • $10,750- 102 South 51st Street- Deutsche Bank to CR Capital Group LLC

  • $22,572- 3800 S. Park Drive- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Thomas A. Jackson

  • $23,000- 612 Devonshire Drive- The Estate of Walter G. Politsch to Janeco Investments INC.

  • $249,000- 2709 Pro Tour Drive- Lutheran Senior Services to Kyle Williams and Richelle Williams

  • $163,000- 3228 Cloverridge Lane- Matthew W. Fox and Connie M. Fox to Maribeth Duncan

  • $40,000- 404 State Street- Dennis Koch to Jacob D. McCrary

  • $217,000- 810 Autumn Glen Place- P. Douglas Keck and Anne M. Keck to Terry Delong

  • $34,000- 651 North 39th Street- Joseph M. Beleveau Living Trust to The Orphans Home Land Trust


  • $8,800- 856 Saint Benedict- Deutsche Bank to Kaja Holdings LLC

  • $8,750- 1124 St. Boniface Drive- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Abel Muhammad


  • $677,371- 1108 Natalyns Trace- SMR LLC to Justin A. Carroll and Stefanie L. Carroll


  • $60,000- 417 East White Street- Carol McKenna to Charles and Sandra Raban

  • $1,000- Brinkmann Road- James J. Wennemann to Daniel R. Schuette


  • $320,000—4649 Douglas Road- Michael and Joy Mueller to Matthew and Stephanie Thompson

  • $169,900- 29 Jotham Court- Matthew and Stephanie Thompson to Harold and Marilyn Hughes


  • $20,000- 103 Homestead- Jimel Enterprises LLC to Purpose with Prosperity LLC

  • $81,500- 716 Oak Hollow Court- Serendipity One Family Limited Partnership to Cathleen Bollmeier

  • $380,000- 1109 Daylily Place- Sooyon Aquino to James B. Burton and Denise T. Burton

August 14, 2013


  • $75,500- 14 Country Club- Mary Jane Lutz Revocable Trust to Dennis J. Mernick

  • $80,000- 1937 Richmond Springs Lane- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Roger Gemoules

  • $50,000- 109 Friendly Drive- Janet Freed to Jeannette Alford

  • $334,025- 300 Gettysburg Road and 226 Gettysburg- Barbara J. Evans to Chad Pitre and Dores Pitre

  • $40,000- 16 N. 36th Street- Herbert C. Woelfel, Joan Woelfel, and Cheryl A. Brown to Bryan Forness

  • $57,000- 2929 Mary Irene St.- James W. Nieman and Kelly J. Nieman to Michael S. Fox and Brittany M. Fox


  • $15,000- 1160 Price- Prairie State Real Estate Holdings LLC to Denise Bravo, Cesario Gomez, and Jenniefer Gomez

  • $22,000- 2014 Florence St.- Metro Property Partners LLC to KMP Enterprises LLC

  • $22,000- 115 Melvin- Metro Property Partners LLC to KMP Enterprises LLC

  • $22,000- 10 Lee Drive- Metro Property Partners LLC to KMP Enterprises LLC


  • $390,000- 7726 County Line Road- Huntington Chase Homes Corporation to Dennis G. Blumberg and Maureen J. Blumberg



  • $50,000- 700 State Street- Mildred T. McCulloch to Donald T. Mayer

East St. Louis

  • $17,600- 508 and 510 North 79th Street- Parke A. Smith to Deborah Jackson

Fairview Heights

  • $50,000- 8 Circle Drive- Earl Powe and Jacqueline Powe to Scott A. Jacob

  • $45,000- 9000 Summit Dr.- Moody Swalley and Caroline Swalley to Charles Swalley and Patricia Swalley


  • $295,000- 9905 Memory Lane- Christopher J. Rutz and Tracy L. Rutz to Tim Veenstra and Christine Veenstra


  • $285,000- 11730 Zinck Road- Marianna Chmeleck to Matthew and Sarah Brendel


  • $113,000- 416 East Jefferson- Jeffrey T. Larson and Kelly E. Larson to Courtney L. Vaninger


  • $216,000- 120 Sir Lawrence Drive- Kenneth N. Abrahams and Linda M. Abrahams to Shawn Briscoe and Rebekah Briscoe


  • $449,816- 1498 Renoir Ave.- Fulford Construction INC. to Willie G. Love Jr.

August 15, 2013


  • $60,900- 148 Willow Creek Rd.- Federal National Mortgage Corporation to Adriana De La Cruz

  • $106,000- 110 Clinton Hill Drive- Janice M. Pinnick and Royal M. Pinnick to Joshua T. Johnson

  • $134,375- 107 West Main Street- Egyption Stationers INC. to Hartman Lane Trust No. 603238

  • $5,000- 4105 N. Park Dr.- Cynthia A. Williams to Don Grosse and David Grosse

  • $15,000- 4105 N. Park- Don and David Grosse to Leonard Brown


  • $42,100- 22 Saint Lambert Dr.- Frontside Properties LLC to Dream House Real Estate LLC


  • $83,000- 124 Long Branch Lane- Turner Enterprises INC. to Mark A. Lee and Bernadette R. Lee

  • $150,000- 406 Sammy Lane- E.J.S. Custom Homes INC. to James Bullock Jr.

East St. Louis

  • $6,000- 633 N 74th St- US Bank to Shonta Heard and Jermon E. Keller

  • $16,000- 3107 Trendley Avenue- Bank of America V. Samuel Sledge and Lawanda Sledge

  • $13,700- 5525 Rosemont- Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Rosetta Loveless


  • $9,000- 514 E South St- Marie L. Jarvis to John Jarvis


  • $183,000- 110 Dogwood Drive- Kenneth L. Koehn and Margaret M. Koehn to Bryan Johnson and Devena Johnson

  • $280,000- 1108 Naturescape Court- Michael and Atsuko Moore to Michael and Melissa Alblinger

  • $100,000- 1348 Frontage Road- The Storage Center of O’Fallon LLC to Michael C. Walker

  • $212,000- 311 Fairwood Hills Road- Donald L. Clark and Judith A. Clark to Matthew B. Gorton and Renee E. Gorton

  • $215,00- 906 Woodlake Ct.- William Black and Vicki Black to Jordan T. Colvin and Katherine S. Patton


  • $160,000- 101 Montrose Court- McBride Eagles Landing LLC to Phillip Haase

  • $83,373- 201 Bobble Dr.- Nicholas Busch to Robert L. Maertens and Tamara A. Maertens


  • $70,000- 309 Fieldcrest Dr.- U.S. Bank to The Lincoln Real Estate Group INC.

August 16, 2013


  • $300,000- 2732 Park Road- Marion Crom to Dale A. and Carolyn K. Smith

  • $46,000- 807 Dewey Street- Jeff Hinson to Richard Ruiz

  • $39,500- 130 North Douglas- The Secretary of HUD to John and Vicky Robinson

  • $185,000- 4105 Endicott Court- Morris Hunter III and Demarlow Hunter to David and Tasha Searcy

  • $30,000- 37 Lucinda Ave.- Jeannette M. Haege to Searchlight Properties Incorporated


  • $38,000- 1202 Williams- Fred R. Davis Jr. and Winnie P. Davis to Edward Stewart

East St. Louis

  • $1,200- 212 Rear Winstanley- Marnie Paige to Tank Trailer Cleaning INC.

Fairview Heights

  • $30,000- 35 Mark Drive- Catherine A. Hamilton Revocable Living Trust to Scott A. Jacob and Beth C. Jacob

New Athens

  • $45,000- 3069 North Jackson Street- Brian K. Smith and Stacey J. Smith to Randall L. Jordan


  • $108,000- 903 Walnut- Tom E. and Sherryl S. Demond and Dick D. Cox Jr. to Dick Dewayne Cox Sr. and Shirley M. Cox

  • $132,750- 1009 Woodleaf Dr.- Lynn M. Breeze to James B. Bigham and Alyscia L. Bigham

  • $184,000- 305 Thorne Creek Court- Michael J. Moschella and Nancy A. Moschella to Dustin Thompson and Abigail Thompson


  • $260,000- 1097 Preswyck Drive- Brenda Mitchell to Andrew J. Stewart and Tara L. Stewart

  • $215,334- 2712 Cheyenne Wells Drive- Fulford Construction INC. to Jason W. Lehde


  • $54,000- 4901 Lone Rock Lane- Smithton Construction Company to Darrell K. Beals and Karen L. Beals

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