Madison County real estate Aug. 5-9

By Sarah Powers | Aug 16, 2013

August 5, 2013


  • $61,601- 5011 Alicia Drive- Bank of America to (Not Listed)

  • $193,500- 4624 Wisteria Drive- Cecilia A. Schmieg Zirkelbach to Andrea Abbott Hilligoss

  • $95,000- 706 Grove Street- Timothy Hinrichs, Mary Roberts, and Matthew Hinrichs to Bobby R. Sellers and Dianna H. Sellers

  • $95,000- 2412 Sylvan Lane- Robert K. Watkins to Terry and Jana Reese

  • $164,000- 1026 George Street- Lexicon Relocation LLC to Christopher P. Hanner

  • $1,800- 2005 Booker St.- Tauros Chapman to Cynthia and Cardill Butler


  • $147,000- 3173 Harris Lane- Loraine Gann to Aleksandr Elceser

Cottage Hills

  • $20,500- 221 Old Bethalto Road- Fannie Mae to Midwest Superior Contracting INC.

  • $98,000- 143 Midway Avenue- Kevin J. and Carol S. Yotter to Dustin S. Radick

East Alton

  • $55,000- 107 Grand Avenue- Ruth Anita Grove to Daryl and Diana Slaughter


  • $195,000- 904 Chancellor Drive- Geri Clark and Kevin Clark to Jaclyn K. Lee and John C. Fondren

  • $158,500- 1460 Ladd Ave.- Tim Birk and Deborah Birk to Leslie N. Harmon

  • $136,602- 801 Chancellor Drive- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of Veterans Affairs

  • $40,100- 704 Sheridan- Champion Mortgage Company to Kathleen Schneider

Glen Carbon

  • $87,500- 239 Park Street- The Estate of Velma I. Revelle to Dennis S. Bernard and Amy D. Bernard


  • $77,000- 5106 Humbert Rd- Jerry R. Wiegel to Thomas and Leola Olney

  • $47,251- 205 Pinewood Dr.- JPMorgan Chase Bank to Peggy A. Powell

Granite City

  • $50,304- 2614 Denver- Stephen Stobbs to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

  • $21,500- 204 Briarwood Dr.- Deutsche Bank to Irina Kandilaroff

  • $17,500- 2541 Angela Dr- JPMorgan Chase Bank to Birkenmeyer Properties


  • $235,000- 2304 Hickory Hill Lane- Stacy L. Capps to Jay A. Nicolaides and Rose A. Nicolaides

  • $114,000- 25B Auburn Court- Ronald W. and Judy J. Hesson to Maurice G. and Diana L. Frey

  • $38,000- 101 Blue Bell Ln- Lisa J. Plocher to William M. and Sharon T. Lewis

  • $65,000- 5035 State Route 160- Elinor Ripperda to Vincent E. Ripperda

  • $199,900- 50 Meadowlark Lane- Dane R. Rapien and Candace K. Rapien to Pauline F. Bell


  • $53,0000 319 S Verson Street- The Bank of New York Mellon to Greg Kline


  • $342,000- 2859 Keebler Road- Douglas B. Shepard and Tina S. Rottier to Richard K. Pisko


  • $289,900- 1439 Bridgehampton Road- Authorized Signatory for One Talented Carpenter INC. to Andrew Brendel and Katherine Brendel

  • $167,000- 300 Avalon Drive- Vincent P. Venditto and Lynne Venditto to Curtis Weary and Kelly Weary

Wood River

  • $39,000- 545 N 2nd St- JPMorgan Chase Bank to Fredrick W. Dewerff and Dalia A. Dewerff

August 6, 2013


  • $105,000- 2512 Alfaretta Ave.- Janet DeSherlia to Stephen Z. Farkas

  • $170,000- 2309 Hale Drive- Gerald D. and Elaine Hamer to Cecilia Zirkelbach

  • $150,000- 4841 Azalea Place- Ronald Joseph and Nancy Anne Phillips to Janet Desherlia


  • $83,000- 219 James Street- Christopher J. Scharth and Brandie N. Scharth to Terry Isbell and Lynn Isbell


  • $16,000- Williams St.- Henry E. Seaman and Marian M. Seaman to Kelsey Osborn

Cottage Hills

  • $5,280- 1244 Walnut Drive- Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

East Alton

  • $60,000- 225 Haller Ave.- Nathan and Lindsey Zeller to Andrew Holtman and Laurie Kern


  • $349,036- 222 Circle Drive- Piedmont Development Corp. to Peter J. Palermo and Sarah S. Palermo

  • $50,000- 1610 N. Main Street- Rick Poehler to John W. Bode and Maureen A. Bode

  • $114,500- 708 Montclaire Avenue- Susan A. Danks to Andrea Wetzel

  • $212,500- 7020 Stallion Drive- Joseph Poole and Shani M. Poole to Erik Randall Krag and Elizabeth Butterfield Krag

  • $170,000- 7 Dunlap Cove Drive- Chandler H. Wilson to Crystal Goodwin

  • $78,000- 109 Springer Ave.- Walter D. Maedge and Marlene M. Maedge to Jeffrey A. Reno and Paulette S. Reno

  • $290,500- 12 Sunflower Court- Daniel Wayne and Catherine E. Welborn to Detleaf G. and Kathy A. Ball

Glen Carbon

  • $92,000- 422 Carroll Lane- T. Laurine Mandeville to Anthony P. Wilcox

  • $139,000- 211 North Meridian Road- Harold W. Piggott and Lynn M. PIgott to Tamika M. Wilson

  • $60,000- 107 Bollinger Street- Evelyn K. Wiechman to James L. Etchison

  • $288,000- 116 Meridian Oaks Dr.- Lerch Homes INC. to Michael A. Ramsey and Ann C. Barron


  • $90,000- 5414 Pierce Lane- Glenn F. Vest to Ray Thompson

  • $183,000- 1905 Summerfield Ln.- Judith L. Zimmer to Victor and Sandra Goeken

Granite City

  • $16,750- 2737 Dale Avenue- Federal National Mortgage Association to David Cason

  • $50,000- 2900 Madison- Tebs Properties LLC to DMB Resources INC.


  • $125,000- 2304 Williams St.- Timothy C. Foley and Teresa A. Foley to Claude Stricker and Mary Ann Stricker

  • $288,000- 7001 Magona Court- Daniel J. Fitzpatrick and Brenda Rouse Fitzpatrick to Kyle E. Denman and Teresa Denman

St. Jacob

  • $183,900- 216 Olyvia Drive- Lindow Contracting INC. to Erick Seger and Sara Reinacher

  • $192,000- 732 5th Street- Lindow Contracting INC. to Stephanie C. Prange


  • $122,000- 515 Meadowlark Street- Stephanie A. Buchanan-Tatham to Wesley L. Nolden III

  • $43,500- 1435 Bridgehampton Road- PM Office Park LLC to One Talented Carpenter INC.

  • $575,000- 611 Edwardsville Road- First Clover Leaf Bank to Alfonzo’s Family Pizzeria LLC

  • $108,000- 7300 Graythorn Court- Villas of Windsor Way LLC to CMG Custom Construction LLC

  • $65,000- Indian Creek- Wendell Creek Estates LLC to Ryan M. Metcalf and Laura Metcalf

  • $169,900- 520 Pike Lane- Mark Alan Ponce to Larry L. Wilson and Paula Robitaille

  • $223,750- 278 Shadowbrooke- Penn Builders LLC to Craig Koehler and Amy Koehler

Wood River

  • $375,000- 965 E. Edwardsville Road- Arvind and Dimple Aggrawal to Laxmiji Enterprises INC.

  • $127,000- 12 Jackson Drive- Allen and Peggy White to Randall W. and Tracey D. Williams


  • $167,090- Illinois Route 4- Engelke INC. to BROS LLC

August 7, 2013


  • $50,000- 616 E. 6th Street- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Lance Obermeyer and Michelle Obermeyer

  • $64,900- 2416 Hall St.- David S. and Sandra D. Voss to Kristin Dorris and Kyle Minner

  • $115,000- 2409 Sherwood Terrace- Jennifer A. Suessen to Timothy A. Steeg and Jessica Ray

  • $11,200- 2704 Tulane St.- Emily Brackins, Jeri Nicholson, Michael Johnson, and Richard Johnson to Kick Olvendorph


  • $109,000- 436 Sheridan Street- Nathan Rain and Jennifer Rain to Kyle C. Tarrant and Melissa L. Tarrant

East Alton

  • $97,000- 825 Willoway Ave.- Ronald A. Kinnison to Brandon W. Grizzle

Glen Carbon

  • $110,000- 80 Lucinda Drive- Hannah M. Cage to Renovations R Us LLC

  • $140,500- 4 Berry Patch Lane- Fran Slater to Lorraine E. Ballard


  • $100,500- 1502 Biscay Drive- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Robert J. Estes and Mary B. Estes

  • $138,500- 709 Taylor Ave.- Brian Karcher to Anthony J. and Allison E. Hagen

Granite City

  • $100,000- 2605 Pontoon Rd.- Rodger E. Coakley and Deborah M. Bailey to Jerry S. Maeras

  • $82,000- 2402-2404 Cleveland Blvd- Helen M. Christich to Michael P. Dixon


  • $4,800- 1638 6th Street- Federal National Mortgage Association to Antonio Henderson and Joyce Henderson

Wood River

  • $50,000- 740 9th Street- Roxanne Redman to Chad W. Daniels and Angie M. Daniels

August 8, 2013


  • $13,000- 612 Shepard St.- Cleo and Loretta Reeves to Mary and James Kopp

  • $55,400- 613/615 Forest Ave.- Carol Ann Griffith to Kent D. Hake


  • $74,000- 106 Wood Court- Federal National Mortgage Association to Sarah Weiss

  • $67,500- 106 Rainbow Drive- Jason P. Eberhard to Sean Edson and Carol Edson

Cottage Hills

  • $42,500- 317 Jersey St- Flagstar Bank to Rebecca Mae Green

  • $20,000- 1420 First Street- Lester W. Withers, Donald A. Withers, Jason L. Withers, and William W. Withers to Kerry G. and Brenda M. Copeland


  • $45,000- 1502 Main Street- James Zupanci to Davis L. Young Jr. and Rhonda Young

  • $558,000- 7017 Monday Court- Dwayne Johnson to Brookfield Relocation

  • $515,000- 7017 Monday Court- Brookfield Relocation to Jon Blake

  • $195,000- 712 Vassar Dr.- Jayne M. Colligan to Amy Marie Hubert


  • $140,900- 3205 Greenwood Lane- Lucia P. Molloy to Jeanne Marie Rynders

Granite City

  • $146,596- 1601 Lindell Blvd- Stephen Stobbs to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

  • $6,000- 2804 State Route 111- James W. Hudson to Ed Morgan And Rhonda Morgan

  • $13,000- 2620 East 28th Street- The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Daniel Luongrath and Katherine Luongrath


  • $36,000- 911 12th Street- U.S. Bank to Larry G. Wellen


  • $10,000- 1935 Harris Street- Dennis V. Smith and Beverly L. Smith to Victor Brooks


  • $200,000- 6813 Manchester Drive- Andrew R. Brendel and Katherine Brendel to Nathaniel Dewitt and Jamie Hansen


  • $38,000- 114 Hassinger Street- JPMorgan Chase Bank to Judy Ann Oiler

  • $239,500- 208 Shadowbrooke- Michael D. Wilson and Nancy A. Wilson to Mark A. Karrick and Britani E. Karrick

Wood River

  • $99,900- 655 Maurice Street- Dennis R. Underwood to Jacob C. Riedisser

August 9, 2013


  • $111,000- 2425 Crislisa Drive- Craig Gamrath to Steve M. Mitchell and Nicole M. Davis-Mitchell

  • $25,000- 314 Belle Street- Hayner Public Library District to Paul Krueger


  • $51,669- 101 Sunset Avenue- Wells Fargo Delaware Trust Company to Sarah Weiss

  • $5,878- 1020 California Ave.- First Collinsville Bank to James A. Robinson and Christy L. Robinson

East Alton

  • $8,000- 128 Victory Drive- Joseph D. Randle to Village of East Alton

Granite City

  • $30,000- 2137-39 Cleveland- First Clover Leaf Bank to Roger Bartholome and Mercedes Bartholome


  • $60,000- 1418 13th St- Suzanne R. Luber to Nathan S. Becker

  • $117,500- 1219 Lynn Street- Todd R. Luitjohan to Jared J. and Kalena K. Bingman

South Roxana

  • $1,000- 124 Melrose- Robert Luken to Ruben and Jamie Villarreal

Wood River

  • $27,000- 310 9th Street South- The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Roger L. -Halleran

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