Madison County real estate July 29-Aug. 2

By Sarah Powers | Aug 9, 2013

July 29. 2013

July 29. 2013


  • $30,000- 3217 Edgewood Avenue- Heirs of William Sutton to Chad Robert Herring

  • $129,000- 833 Douglas Street- Kathleen A. Lewis to Charles R. and Ralpha J. Hausman

  • $115,000- 1809 Clawson Street- Michael Philpott to Catherine Palazzolo

  • $105,000- 4808 Sandy Ct.- Lawrence E. Kulp to Michael E. Glassbrenner

  • $110,000- 1901 Liberty St.- Michelle K. Obermeyer to Amy C. Cox

  • $16,000- 2611 Sanford Ave.- Constance E. St. Peters to Robert McAfoos


  • $59,400- 5514 State Route 140- Timothy M. Austion to James E. Hanner III and Constance N. Hanner


  • $45,000- 850 North Summit Avenue- Terry L. Giles and Cory Giles to Ronald G. and Lorraine A. Dailey Trust

  • $40,000- 120 March Dr.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Patrick and Julie Koester

East Alton

  • $105,000- 459 Florida Drive- Stephen P. Patton and Janice B. Patton to Carolyn J. Lewis

  • $77,000- 1034 Rhondell Ln.- CJD Construction INC. to Nathan A. and Lydia I. Chester

  • $103,500- 750 Oakwood Avenue- Donald R. Meyer to James E. Blackorby and Jamie V. Blackorby

  • $37,000- 811 Amherst Drive- JPMorgan Chase Bank to Home Start LLC


  • $75,000- 916 Michigan- Johnnie W. Hamer to Andrew P. Calloway

  • $275,000- 1609 Maplewood Court- Michael R. Collins and May Jane Collins to Diane Chappell-Ingram and Robyn Ingram

  • $169,500- 7833 N. Highway 157- Ralph Handshy to Ronald Redd

Glen Carbon

  • $160,000- 34 Ginger Lake Drive, S- Cathy Ann Tornaritis to Michael C. Napp

  • $140,000- 21 Berry Patch- Terry L. Doyle and Mary S. Kempfer, as Heirs at Law and/or Legatees of Marilyn E. Kempfer to John Ancer and Marcia Ancer

  • $171,000- 32 Charles Drive- Gerald Barber and Nancy Barber to Andrew Carver and Amanda Noble Carver



  • $252,500- 5203 Sundrop Ct.- Craig and Bethney Schnaak to William Wimberly Jr.

  • $108,000- Lots 14, 27, and 28 in Seasons- Emmons Land Company LLC to Darren Freshour DBA Century Builders

Granite City

  • $201,100- 4821 Karen Dr.- Granite City Community Unit School District #9 to Robert D. McKenzie

  • $89,900- 2332 Emert Ave.- Edward J. Votoupal to Deidra Stevenson and Demond Stevenson

  • $67,500- 2027 Pontoon Road- Burrows Investments LLC to Kyle Jones and Rebecca S. Jones

  • $59,900- 2800 Willow Ave.- Gilmore Properties and Investments LLC to Tiffany R. Pryor

  • $80,000- 2513 Benton St.- Thomas Mehelic and Lyndsie Mehelic to Traci Hinterser

  • $8,000- 4506 Ball Avenue- Joyce M. Rathmann to Gilmore Properties and Investments Ltd.

  • $225,000- 2504 Jennifer Crossing- James E. Bell to Roy L. Logan


  • $44,900- 623 Washington Street- Jon A. Zinkgraf to Matthew, Erin, and Mary Scheibel

  • $62,000- 25A Auburn Court- Janet E. Clarkin Revocable Living Trust to Joseph Dean and Karen D. Barker

  • $140,000- 3051 Bella Vista Court- Sherry A. Koehler to Arthur M. Hayes and Brenda K. Hayes

St. Jacob

  • $2,370- Summerfield Road- Thurman M. Conrey Jr. to Jakob L. Campbell


  • $40,000- Renken Road- Travis and Clary Pfeiffer to John and Mary Battuello

  • $199,500- 8705 Schien Rd.- Suzanne K. Robbs to Roxanne P. Benison

July 30, 2013


  • $15,000- 2221 Belle Street- Mary L. Bouillon to Sharyn L. Luedke

  • $6,200- 405 Central Ave.- Great Southern Bank to Michael Carter


  • $155,000- 108 Valleywood Court- Cari R. Miller to Russell J. Kramer and Andrea Smith


  • $118,500- 1123 Ridge Avenue- Homeinvestors LLC to Britni Nail


East Alton

  • $111,500- 405 E. Airwood Dr.- Ruby L. Purdy Revocable Living Trust to Chris Barnes


  • $461,226- 3339 Drysdale Court- Superior Home Builders INC. to David R. Byrne and Debra L. Byrne

  • $45,000- 70 Devon Court, Apt. 1- Dorothy Truett to Steve Michalik

  • $69,500- 7336 Kindlewood Drive- Hearthstone Development INC. to Joseph and Shani Poole

  • $278,800- 101 Knights Bridge Lane- Robert Jason Plummer to Kent D. Pope and Cynthia A. Pope

  • $164,000- 515 West Lake Drive- Geoffrey A. Richey to James R. Jones and Sondra S. Jones

Glen Carbon

  • $265,882- 3155 Alexandria drive- Superior Home Builders INC. to Ian Heimback and Crystal Frizell-Heimback

  • $550,000- 100 Magnolia Drive- One 157 Center LLC to SZO Properties LLC


  • $10,000- 603 Saint Rose Drive- Craig M. Fischer to Trisha L. Fischer

  • $55,000- 7018 Humbert Rd.- Wesley Roady and Angela Roady to E. Allen Lash

  • $93,200- 512 Mulberry St.- Glenn and Shirley Browning to Steven E. and Christine L. Atkins


  • $120,000- 13672 Waffler Road- Susan K. Rakers to Adam J.F. Weidner and Emily N. Weidner


  • $210,000- 820 Oakridge Drive- Darrin Rust and Cindy Rust to Christopher H. Allison and Gloria Ann Allison

South Roxana

  • $71,000- 205 Poag Avenue- Kenneth D. Herrin Sr. and Lori L. Herrin to Milton E. Sherfy


  • $214,500- 219 Sunnybrooke- Herman L. Kaauamo Jr. and Jamie M. Kaauamo to Ray E. Carter Jr. and Jennifer J. Carter


July 31, 2013


  • $31,000- 1917 Western Drive- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Robery Barnhart

  • $7,238- 3312 Leo St.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Cami J. Sanders


  • $133,000- 103 Linwood Drive- Daniel J. Shaddrick and Kimberly Shaddrick to Tamatha Lee Schulte

  • $85,000- 801 Victory Drive- Donald L. Gassmann to Sarah Rouse and Willene M. Bacon

  • $89,900- 132 Rainbow Drive- Anthony D. Tarr to Terry Akins and Janet Akins

  • $37,000- 323 N. Aurora St.- RND Enterprises INC. to Richard A. Moss

  • $48,000- 339 N. Aurora St.- RND Enterprises INC. to Richard Moss

  • $52,000- 730 Lake Ave.- JPMorgan Chase Bank to Brian J. Hunziker

Cottage Hills

  • $17,500- 1229 Walnut- Beneficial Illinois INC. to Kenneth Palmer and Elsie M. Palmer


  • $103,000- 508 Randle St.- Cole Schrage to James A. Whiteford and Wendy S. Whiteford

  • $29,000- 224 Hickory St.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Michael Taylor

  • $95,000- 5206 Chain of Rocks Road- Ross W. Tweedy and Kay D. Tweedy to Julia L. Stanfil

  • $505,000- 3343 Drysdale Court- Superior Home Builders INC. to Nicholas Kostitch and Amy Kostitch

Glen Carbon

  • $260,000- 7021 Augusta Drive- Bradley D. Hasquin and Lori M. Hasquin

  • $154,250- 19 Glendale Dr.- Crystal M. Bradley and Keith Gregory Bradley

  • $180,000- 38 Hickory Hill Lane- Ryan F. High and Laura D. High to Ryan Diederich

  • $59,900- 136 Ellington Ct.- Meridian Manors Development LLC to Lerch Homes INC.


  • $140,000- 4922 Chateau Drive- Jane M. Strebel to Stephen Owen

Granite City

  • $177,000- 2620 Buenger Blvd- Lynn R. Hester and Faye L. Hester to Charles M. Polach and Janice K. Polach

  • $34,000- 45 Georgetown Drive- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Stephen R. Knogl and David A. Knogl

  • $77,500- 140 Troeckler- Philip Heath to Christopher R. Hudson and Amber M. Hudson

  • $40,000- 2533 Lynch- Goshen Real Estate LLC to Marti Tanthavong


  • $149,700- 5116 Dixon Drive-Joshua E. Stumpe and Brittany N. Stumpe to John L. Waltrip and Vicki L. Waltrip

  • $23,200- 601 Tremont Drive- Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Granite City

  • $70,000- 2542 Spalding Ave.- Debra Jo Murphy and Dana Gardner to Terry Cook and Pamela Cook

  • $54,000- 3016 Marshall Ave.- Jesse L. Coy to Jason A. Cox and Amanda I. Corey-Cox

  • $169,900- 2460 Waterman Ave.- Jason Cox and Amanda Corey-Cox to Jesse Coy

  • $26,000- 2438 Illinois Avenue- Travis Esmon and Ashley Esmon to Mike Hoffman and Debra Hoffman


  • $160,236- 1700 Olive Street- The Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development


  • $55,000- 6207 W. Main Street- Gerald D. Bell and Wanda L. Bell to Dale G. Engelmann

  • $323,800- 15 Blanchette Ct.- James A. Fickert to Bradley Hasquin and Lori Hasquin

August 1, 2013


  • $60,000- 2927 Main St.- Prairie State Securities LLC to Erin I. Wright and Susan E. Wright

  • $35,000- 8415 Paradise Key- Ralph G. Paslay and Marsha K. Pay to Ramond R. Herrin Jr. and Kelly A. Herrin


  • $155,000- 435 Chapel Drive- Theodore E. Hester and Jennifer A. Hester to Alison Rebbe

  • $345,000- 37 Bliss Terrace- Dwight Sutterfield and Vicki L. Sutterfield to Dustin Simaytis and Tallie N. Simaytis

  • $279,000- 216 Lake Ridge Drive- Brian J. Yingling to Brookfield Relocation INC.

  • $279,000- 216 Lake Ridge Drive- Brookfield Relocation INC. to Matthew Fox and Connie Fox

East Alton

  • $84,500- 715 E. Rosedale- Deborah and John Sandbach to Justin Sandbach and Hillary Mansfield

  • $26,000- 402 Main Street- Virginia D. Smith to Kevin Goodman and Rebecka Goodman


  • $395,650- 1991 Treasure Dr.- Edward L. Fry Revocable Living Trust to Shawn D. Hagen

  • $200,000- 1605 Duke St.- Brian A. Sneed and Lisa R. Leonard to Richard Wetzel and Tracy Wetzel

  • $285,000- 2106 Little Round Top Dr.- Bethann Reichert to Paul Thomas Fuligni

  • $274,900- 989 Prestonwood Drive- Gregory C. Olsen and Maria R. Olsen to Justin Linn and Christine Linn

  • $80,000- 1432 N. Second Street- Penny May and Pamela Clarkin to Trevor Z. Taylor

  • $537,000- 3813 N. Arbor Lake Drive- Michael K. Wolverton and Cheryl L. Wolverton to Michael L. Donze and Bethann Reichert

  • $120,000- 508 Hillsboro Avenue- Jennifer M. Bell and Cecelia M. Bell to James W. Johnson Jr. and Susan Y. Johnson

Glen Carbon

  • $107,000- 225 Glen Lake Drive- Estella M. Lewis to Scott Demkey

  • $325,000- 2819 Bristol Way- Scott Fitterer and Kara Fitterer to Brian R. Mateer and LeAnne M. Mateer

  • $152,500- 78 Depot Drive- Christine Coleman to Kevin Kanallakan and Nicole Kanallakan

Granite City

  • $62,500- 1869 Pontoon Road- Vicky Schildman to William Brable Jr.

  • $112,000- 9 Wilson Park Lane- Jeremy C. Johnson and Tara Johnson to Nathan W. Donohue


  • $150,000- 3048 Grotefendt Road- Anthony D. McDougal and Terri D. McDougal to Bradford E. Monroe


  • $315,000- 2621 North Center Drive- H.S.J. LLC to SATYADEV INC.


  • $273,832- 1317 Rutledge Drive- Lerch Homes INC. to Ben Monson and Kacie Monson

  • $157,000- 112 Mark Steven Court- Michelle Noethe to Raymond Deluca

  • $189,900- 5 Westbrooke Street- Kenneth S. Stone and Marleen G. Stone to David Collins and Emily B. Siemer

  • $218,900- 332 Bass Drive- Jerry E. Foreman and Linzi N. Foreman to Matthew Sparks and Marie Sparks


  • $286,000- 7923 Twin Lakes Drive- Ben A. Wright and Joanne E. Grasser to Douglas Bertrand and Kelly Bertrand

August 2, 2013


  • $25,000- 3643 Horn Avenue- Fannie Mae to Benevolent Chimney Trust

  • $70,000- 3409 Humbert Road- Ronald C. Feldewerth and Carol J. Feldewerth to To Nga Thi Nguyen and Nam Bui


  • $160,000- 136 Patriots Dr.- Richard T. and Betty J. Cox to Ayed M. and Judith Lynn Roper Gaffas


  • $138,000- 136 Kenwood Lane- Emily B. Tarsha to Julie Bedard and Kelly Bedard


  • $87,500- 813 2nd Street- Annie E. Bernaix and Nathan Berniax to Brandon Gruenenfelder

  • $362,000- 108 Timbermill Lane- Jeffrey W. Busch and Amy A. Busch to Paul Gaughen

  • $285,000- 3926 Sequoia Dr.- John W. Kitchen Jr. and Heather Anne Kitchen to Grant Simmons and Christine Simmons

Glen Carbon

  • $49,500- 128 Meridian Oaks Drive- Meridian Manors Development LLC to Doug Hartmann Jr.


  • $80,000- 402 Big Arch Rd.- Walter Franklin Carver Living Trust to Frank L. and Christina M. Kallal

  • $188,500- 1805 Seminole Ln.- Sandra N. and Victor P. Goeken to Buntian and Courtney Suksrinuak

Granite City

  • $93,500- 2129 Lindell Blvd.- Raymond Gaudette and Candice D. Gaudette to Vickie L. Neal


  • $123,000- 494 Sunset West Drive- Lisa M. Lalor and Thomas A. Lalor to Robert Rehg and Marie Rehg



  • $323,000- 15 Ashford Oaks St.- Joseph L. Dittrich and Joani J. Dittrich to Richard Wartick and Mary Wartick


  • $48,500- 2440 Roney- John J. Nenninger Jr. and Dennis and Debra Krystopa

St. Jacob

  • $156,000- 301 S. Douglas St.- Jeremiah Nast and Jackie Nast to Donna Lee and Bryan Lee


  • $148,500- 704 Sundance Trail- Joseph T. Gaffney to Ronald A. Mudra and Tara N. Mudra

  • $188,000- 1415 Dale Drive- Christopher Miller and Andrea Miller to Juliann Kypta

  • $138,000- 309 Avalon Drive- John E. Heater IV and Meredith Heater to Dustin Stephens and Sheila Stephens

Wood River

  • $28,000- 641 East Penning Avenue- The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to On95641n2013e0p501 Trust

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