Madison County real estate July 15-19

By Sarah Powers | Jul 26, 2013

July 15, 2013


  • $25,000- 113 Wall Street- Leland A. Keel to Tad Green and Yvonne Green


  • $45,000- 2305 Hale Drive- Fannie Mae to Frank Steward, Laura Steward and Megan Steward

  • $41,000- 3720 Coronado Dr.- Guy L. Thompson and Marilyn Yogore-Thompson to Danielle N. Beach


  • $1,500- Collinsville Road- Madison County to Illinois Dept. of Transportation

  • $70,124- 15 Briarwood- The Bank of Edwardsville to Kenneth Sloan and Lisa White

  • $112,500- 510 Reese Dr- Robert E. Brigman and Cynthia Brigman to Michael L. Dittmaier

East Alton

  • $22,000- 318 Monroe Street- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Linda Romano


  • $97,000- 765 Boulevard De Cannes- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Ronnie Provow and Alma Provow

  • $130,000- 109 E. Abner Place- Nicholas C. Terry and Marissa L. Terry to Cottone Properties LLC

  • $55,000- 8437 Stone Ledge Dr.- Black Oak Development LLC to Peter J. Maag

  • $90,990- 3305 Hershiser Court- Vicksburg Development INC. to Wayne Unger

  • $549,000- 3306 Snider- JK Companies INC. to Marc E. Hathhorn

Glen Carbon

  • $150,000- 3 Raintree Court- Jeffrey Lynn Underwood to Catherine D. Santanello

Granite City

  • $158,000- 660 Erica Drive- Federal National Mortgage Association to Mark Palmer

  • $145,900- 2320 Dwight Avenue- Mark A. Maue and Lana R. Maue to Daniel J. Elliott and Chastina M. Elliott

  • $12,713- 2571 Hodges Avenue- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Larry C. White

  • $4,000- 2806 Marshall Ave.- Gary D. Sipole and Gail Jarvis to Timothy Cashen

  • $89,000- 5130 Stacey Dr.- Brian W. Moon and Stefanie A. Moon to Kathy Rose Cameron

  • $76,500- 2529 Reveres Route- Melissa Schmidt and Thomas Schmidt to Thomas M. Chapin


  • $205,500- 810 Perch Dr.- First Collinsville Bank to Jared G. Goestenkors and Michelle C. Goestenkors

  • $113,000- 621 13th Street- Morgan R. Phelps to Melissa Oberlender


  • $25,000- 111 W. 1st Street- Scott E. Burgess and Cherie M. Burgess to Rosella Hickerson


  • $124,508- 344 Spangle Road- Dennis Glisson to Donna Costa


  • $225,000- 623 Meadowlark St.- Kyle T. Williams and Amy N. Williams to Cornelio Ybarra Jr. and Janice A. Ybarra

July 16, 2013


  • $91,000- 709 Albers Lane- Kevin Jaklevic to Brandon J. Duffy

  • $75,000- 817 Briarwood Drive- James E. Shepard and Sandra J. Shepard to Amy C. Collier

  • $78,900- 632 Albers Lane- Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Leonard R. Land and Carolyn J. Land

  • $22,250- PT SE ¼ Section 5-5-8- Peter Scott Moelling to Gary Heuer


  • $610,000- 1902 Vandalia St.- Richard C. Bowe to Estate Vesting LLC


  • $154,000- 5940 N. State Route 157- Paula L. Mitchell to Prabhakar Sundaram

  • $254,750- 34303 Vicksburg Drive- Jared K. Helpingstine and Katie E. Helpingstine to Christopher W. Hoffstot and Sara K. Hoffstot

  • $101,000- 415 North Buchanan Street- Kathryn Manar to Ashley N. Wilson

  • $215,000- 2509 Hunters Pointe Boulevard- Craig J. Alexander and Alicia L. Alexander to Robert A. Meintrup III

  • $320,000- 8727 Rosewood Hills Drive- Gary W. Gill and Diane R. Gill to Christopher W. Norrington and Karissa L. Norrington

Glen Carbon

  • $210,000- 5541 State Route 162- Donald C. Kulash and Deborah J. Kulash to IDOT

  • $370,000- 5 South Equestrian Court- Terry Lynn Cook and Pamela Lou Cook to Gary W. Gill and Diane R. Gill


  • $75,000- 1112 Seller Road- Ann M. Perolio to Devin M. Muscarella and Dena R. Muscarella

Granite City

  • $2,500- 1302 Granite Ave.- James Beebe to Elaine Holmes

  • $2,500- 1308 Granite Ave.- James Beebe to Elaine Holmes

  • $147,500- 47 Mimosa Drive- Kelley R. Campbell to Terry D. Jackson


  • $70,000- 132 W 2nd Street- Maryann Smith to Jarrod M. Horyn


  • $6,000- 1845 Rhodes St.- Jessica Sanders to Veronica Nelson


  • $137,900- 205 Camelot Drive- Barbara Gibson and Terrie Sill to James and Sandra Shepard

  • $9,000- 440 Parkside Dr.- 21st Mortgage Corporation to Tracy Holeman

Wood River

  • $57,000- 526 Short Ave.- Paul L. Moses to Salvador Militello

  • $155,000- 112 Shawnee Drive- Troy Schmidt and Betty Schmidt to Scott L. Miller and Kelly D. Miller


  • $329,450- Dustman Road- Eileen J. Rhodes to Dennis J. Rhodes

July 17, 2013


  • $317,500- 65 Woodcrest Drive- Eric D. Lamb and Lesta A. Lamb to Jeffrey W. and Shelly J. Waters


  • $98,000- 103 Cottage Drive- Brian R. Ryterski and Laura A. Ryterski to Donald Meyer

  • $118,000- 2422 Keebler Road- Gloria J. Wagener to Brian Ryterski and Laure Ryterski

  • $225,000- 602 Ostle- Shelli A. Smith-Valenti and Ronald R. Smith-Valenti to Mark E. Esarey and Gayle J. Fritz

  • $96,000- 48 Saint Rose Drive- Linda L. D. Appel to Melissa L. Patrick and Jessica Patrick

East Alton

  • $113,000- 511 Florida Drive- Evelyn M. Paris, Jerri L. Noel and Terri L. Hoormann to Tina Seidler


  • $185,000- 1008 Chancellor Drive- Richard B. Sample and Janya D. Sample to Levi A. Antrim and Jeanna R. Antrim

  • $279,900- 18 Shiloh Court- Zhuo Yu and Huaguo Zhou to Richard B. Sample and Janya D. Sample

  • $184,900- 186 Holiday Dr.- Christopher Hoffstot and Sara Hoffstot to Nathaniel A. Desch and Jenna D. Tippin

  • $126,000- 309 Locust St.- Amanda Murphey and Todd Murphey to Sean Tallman

Granite City

  • $84,000- 2552 Lynch Ave.- The Estate of Charlotte Mertz to Chris A. Veizer

  • $75,000- 2181 Harrison Ave.- Joseph C. Thomas, Charles D. Thomas, Janet A. Heinz and Judith A. Luback to Jeremy Bledsoe and Amanda Bledsoe

  • $77,900- 3018 Washington Ave.- Corey D. Wilmsmeyer to Andrea R. Cooper and Johnathan A. Newington


  • $42,300- 205 6th Street- Clyde Preston to Stephen and Shelly Preston


  • $236,000- 16 Len Dr.- Larry Wellen to Cheryl Beckmann and Kevin Venhaus

  • $145,500- 115 Northview Drive- Kevin D. Townsend and Patricia A. Townsend to Diane Clark

  • $245,000- 6 Dorsett Lane- Darrell R. Gregg Jr. and Trina D. Gregg


  • $25,000- 925 Iowa Street- KMP Enterprises LLC to Robinson Realty LLc


  • $220,000- 5 Augusta Court- Brian S. Therien to Michael D. Goebel and Cynthia C. Goebel

  • $185,000- 1916 Wellington Lane- David A. Murray and Jessica M. Murray to Andrew Zeisler and Theresa Zeisler


  • $199,500- 244 Bristol Dr.- John Harris and Charlotte Harris to Blake Harris and Amie Harris

  • $115,000- 328 Orchard Ct.- Danco LLC Norris Brase to Ashley M. Wilson


Wood River

  • $105,636- 230 East Acton Avenue- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD

July 18, 2013


  • $69,0000 3297 Hawthorne Boulevard- Michael P. Homan and Paula J. Homan to John M. Phillips and Pollymae R. Phillips

  • $164,000- 1026 George Street- Gregory Pond and Caroline Pond to National Residential Nominee Services INC.

  • $145,000- 4316 Wedgewood Dr.- Susan A. Gilbert Revocable Living Trust to Robert E. and Yvonne M. McGowan

  • $17,434- 2614 Denny Ave- Federal National Mortgage Association to Harbour Portfolio VII LP

  • $17,434- 2627 Hillcrest Ave- Federal National Mortgage Association to Harbour Portfolio VII LP


  • $134,900- 436 Texas Blvd- James A. Luker and Nancy J. Luker to Tammy L. Williams


  • $174,500- 2024 Ravenwood Drive- Brie Nelson and Jeremy Nelson to Earl F. Davis and Denise R. Davis

  • $50,000- 6010 Sunrise Drive- Fannie Mae to James Terwelp


  • $165,000- 1024 Longfellow Avenue- Bret McKaig and Melissa McKaig to Mike P. Homan and Paula J. Homan

  • $49,500- 7836 Sun Ridge Ct.- Sun Ridge Development INC. to Bret McKaig and Melissa McKaig

  • $118,750- 1117 Prickett Ave.- Richard D. Chomhirun and Kelly Chomhirun to Ann Clayton

  • $336,500- 52 Birdie Ct.- Thomas J. Longos and Catherine E. Longos to Issam S. El-Khatib and Tina D. El-Khatib

  • $327,500- 35 Meadow Rue Drive- Danny Patterson and Sherri Patterson to Joel Petry, Stacy Petry and Dennis Petry

  • $216,000- 2809 Falcon Crest Drive- Michelle L. Koelker to Randall S. Wallace

  • $357,000- 7316 Kindlewood Drive- Paul R. Hoga and Melissa A. Hoga to Timothy J. Young and Tricia A. Young


  • $88,900- 5704 Sir Kay Ct.- Robert E. McGowan to Roy M. Williams II and Amy J. Williams

  • $89,400- 7733 Humbert Rd.- Jeffrey P. LaPlant to Matthew Allen Schnurbusch and Jennifer Lynn Beaudette

Granite City

  • $162,000- 4873 Danielle Court- Scott A. Haas to Western Construction Group INC.

  • $39,000- 1752 Venice Ave.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Wise Choice Properties INC.


  • $12,244- 911 Iowa St.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Harbour Portfolio VII LP


  • $350,000- 5 Foxmoor Drive- Harold J. Schmeling to Edward Stone and Lisa Stone

Wood River

  • $145,000- 109 Shawnee Drive- Fannie Mae to Erin F. Kochan and Thomas E. Kochan

July 19, 2013


  • $22,000- 1911 Central Avenue- Gloria J. Taylor to Monica K. Knight

  • $55,000- 713 Leonard Street- Jean M. Goetges to Janet E. Stolze

  • $85,000- 1723 Worden Avenue- Michael Naylor, Anne Naylor and Jeffrey Naylor to Solomom S. Nair and Amanda S. Nair

  • $74,500- 910 McKinley Blvd- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Lauren Chancey

  • $79,500- 605 Rozier- John B. and Janet H. Renick


  • $320,000- 133 Woodcrest Drive- Kim M. McCunney to Alexander Campbell and Kelley Campbell

  • $68,000- 151 Terrace St.- Maria Ursprung to Mae Woodruff


  • $125,000- 248 Sumner Blvd.- Michael L. Tomasovich and Amanda Tomasovich to Dennnis E. Ferrero Jr. and Kerrianne Ferrero

  • $92,000- 1111 Powell Avenue- Michael J. Konieczny to Angela Harvell

East Alton

  • $160,000- 9 Beatrice Court- Richard and Desera L. Grogan to Brian C. and Kelli K. Hokamp

  • $80,000- 68 N. Circle Drive- Peter R. Bruce and Patricia A. Bruce to Eric Smay


  • $325,000- 3469 Vicksburg Drive- Terry W. Hemken and Jamie A. Hemken

  • $462,500- 3313 Hershiser Ct.- Stephen Sitton and Carrie Sitton to Craig Alexander and Alicia Alexander

  • $280,000- 117 Fox Hill Court- Home Federal Savings and Loan Association to Ronald Feldewerth and Carol Feldewerth

  • $270,000- 160 North Meadow Ridge Trail- Anton J. Koprivnik and Mary R. Koprivnik to Richard D. Grogan and Desera L. Grogan

  • $157,500- 6 Matterhorn Drive- Chad D. Boeving and Diana M. Boeving to Todd David Shaw and Debra L. Shaw

  • $328,500- 74 Sunset Hills Drive- Virgina H. Leskers to Joseph E. Smith and Kirstyn Smith

  • $405,000- 5331 Hazel Road- Bank of Edwardsville to Jesse and Paige Scott

  • $99,000- 73 Birdie Court- Paul J. Scherer and Shawn D. Scherer to Integrity Home Buyers LLC

Glen Carbon

  • $44,500- 128 Meridian Oaks Drive- Meridian Manors Developments LLC to Doug Hartmann Jr.


  • $121,000- 1360 Normandy Place- Michael F. Monahan, Mary Kay Brown and Margaret Monahan to Loretta Jean Ramsey

Granite City

  • $162,000- 4812 Danielle Court- Kevin M. Van Leer and Jillian R. Van Leer to Tyler A. Marks and Alicia N. Cloninger

  • $22,000- 2124 Benton- Rosemary F. Ensor, Frank R. Ensor Jr. and Grace A. Forehand to Grace A. Forehand and Isaiah A. Forehand


  • $180,000- 4251 Oldenberg Road- Robert V. Kunkel and Karen S. Kunkel to Brian K. Hoedebeck


  • $100,000- 1220 Walnut Street- Timothy and Angela Bruening to Charles C. Brown

  • $72,000- 2820 Aster Court- Paul Watkins to Victoria Krug

  • $169,500- 220 Black Wolf Run- Ryan and Jessica Basye to Corey and Jennifer Wilmsmeyer

  • $238,000- 20 Arrasleaf St.- Mettler Development LLC to Ryan and Jessica Basye

  • $245,000- 100 Woodcrest Drive- Dalton E. Box and Linda A. Box to GDG Properties LLC

  • $147,500- 15 Bridgewater- Damian and Janetta Feeny to The Jerry Dean and Bonnie Jean Zink Living Trust

  • $249,900- 20 Glory Drive- Jeffrey L. Rohde and Caroyln S. Rohde to Damian N. Feeny and Janetta L. Feeny

  • $12,000- 810 Cypress Street- Wilfred A. and Jean S. Holzinger to Tut and Tut Properties

  • $92,000- 1416 Lemon Street- Melissa L. Richter to Devin S. Dahmer

  • $150,000- 160 Coventry Way- Steven W. and Carol J. Seger to Robert L. Zobrist and Allise Reutiman

St. Jacob

  • $179,000- 2000 Richview Dr.- David L. Brown and Kimberlee A. Brown to James A. Fickert

  • $298,000- 8937 Wendell Creek Dr.- Paoli Builders INC. to Darren Simmons and Kristie Simmons

  • $195,000- 727 5th Street- Authorized Signatory for Lindow Contracting INC. to Timothy Lawrence and Ashley Lawrence

  • $275,000- 417 E. Main Street- William M. And Beverly A. Price to Joseph E. Taylor and Ina B. Taylor


  • $192,000- 12 Meadowbrooke Dr.- Osborn Homes INC. to Joel E. Grove

  • $164,000- 919 Carla Dr.- Trevow Williams to Angela Fuesting and Derek Brumleve

Wood River

  • $99,500- 250 E. Jennings- Carrie B. Bratten to William and Christina Ramsey


  • $25,000- 129 Main Street- U.S. Bank to William Foster, Marcia Foster and Robert Foster

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