July 15, 2013


  • $77,500- 1526 North Charles Street- Christopher Allison and Gloria Allison to Tasha L. Deprow
  • $20,000- 20 South 76th Street- Joan Toni Carpenter to Justin L. Johnson
  • $143,500- 849 Wilshire Drive- Donna J. Kolb to Patrick Kohorst and Nikole Kohorst

  • $43,500- 1901 Marseilles Blvd- Sandra K. Morris to Renee L. Hand

  • $295,608- 1029 Crooked Stick Drive- McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC to William Garner II and Rina Garner
  • $70,000- 313 Forest Oaks Drive- 419 OCR INC. to Micah Michael and Stephanie Michael
  • $660,000- 332 Forest Oaks Drive- Micah Jay Michael and Stephanie Marie Michael to Donald Riesenberg and Margaret Riesenberg

  • $185,000- 699 South Bluff Road- Jody A. Diehl to Discovery Family Church
East St. Louis

  • $700- Charlie Powell to Jeffery T. Harris Jr. and Betty J. Harris
  • $4,000- 6301 Old Missouri- Falcon LTD to Clarice Beison

  • $80,000- 311 St. Clair Ct.- Citizens Community Bank to Westview MHP LLC
  • $275,000- 1231 N. State Street- David G. Schneidewind to K & K Real Estate Associates LLC

  • $18,500- 402 Sunrise Dr.- The Bank of New York Mellon to John Roberts

  • $35,000- 316 North Independence- Regions Bank to Bret Rasch

  • $237,500- 1004 Rarity Circle- JL Schaefer Construction INC. to Richard P. Wienhoff and Cassie Wienhoff


  • $45,500- 137 Main Street- Beverly A. Welch as Trustee of the Mable L. Franch Living Trust to Michael D. Swindle and Kathy J. Swindle
  • $134,000- 1412 South Yale Drive- Bernard C. Kneale and Anna L. Duncan to Chad Michael Gross and Jacylnann Gross
  • $122,500- 645 Titan Drive- John J. Zieser to Keela S. Deets
  • $250,000- 13 Greentree Court- Charles L. Boeckman Jr. and Susan K. Boeckman to Daniel L. and Cheryl L. Werner
  • $243,000- 776 Merrifields Drive- Kimberly A. Drewry to David J. Rutter and Jill C. Rutter
  • $60,800- 1100 Hollander Court- Windsor Creek Development INC. to Huntington Chase Homes Corporation

  • $162,000- 1712 Fairway Drive- David P. Hasenstad and Mary K. Hasenstad to Jennifer A. Mennerick

  • $175,000- 808 FIeldview Drive- Michael Campo and JoAnn Campo to Paul D. Quirin and Alice D. Quirin
  • $205,000- 4822 Rockledge Trail- Paul D. Quirin and Alice D. Quirin to Steve G. Meyer and Dana M. Meyer

  • $137,500- 729 Deerfield Drive- NEI Global Relocation Company to Tom Luscumb
  • $107,000- 1440 Owl Creek Lane- Jorge Leon and Brenda Leon to Cynthia Collingham
July 16, 2013


  • $49,000- 218 S. 19th Street- Elizabeth A. Meyer to James S. Holloman
  • $250,000- 220 Lake Christine Drive- Floyd E. Hargrove and Patricia J. Hargrove to Marion F. Brecht and Kathy E. Martin
  • $85,000- 405 Blue Ridge Drive- Charles Davis to Kyle Selliers
  • $40,000- 4028 Shiloh Station East Road- Charles Kirkpatrick to Mitzi Mouser
  • $1,000- 307 Walnut Street- City of Belleville to Ralph and Melinda Hult
  • $18,500- 320 N 42nd St- Federal National Mortgage Association to Larry W. Jameson and Dianna F. Jameson
  • $46,193- 1409 Salem Drive- Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Becky Venuti and Michelle Reed
  • $115,000- 2866 Brookwmeadow Drive- Kevin R. Brown and Martina F. Conley to Angela Mitchell

  • $7,419- 301 North Third Street- Gary D. Grossman Jr. and Donna Grossman to Bradford A. Karn
  • $50,000- 323 Kroeger Avenue- John William Gooch Revocable Living Trust to Paula Gwen Dailey
  • $150,000- 2171 Stone Crest Drive- James E. Myers and Robyn Meyers to Timothy J. Prader and John Prader
East St. Louis

  • $2,500- 1038 North 3rd Street- Mattie Kelly to Tank Trailer Cleaning INC.
  • $2,500- 1000 North 3rd Street- R.W. Bradford and Wanda Bradford to Tank Trailer Cleaning INC.

  • $65,000- 613 W. Schuetz St.- June Frey and Craig Frey to Amanda Ataiyan and Farhad Ataiyan

  • $100,000- 748 E. Lyons Street- Susan M. Warren to Roy Dean and Kimberly Kae Dickey

  • $150,000- 820 North First Street- Ethel Seitz to Kenneth Rasp
  • $39,590- ILL RT 177- Dean Billhartz and Julie Billhartz to Daniel Wiskamp and Luke Wiskamp
  • $160,000- 1259 Larkspur Drive- Christopher C. Torres and Kathryn A. Rocks to Robert Bosche and Jolene M. Piccolo
  • $65,000- 620 Joseph Drive- The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Raymond and Carrie Kunkel

  • $150,000- 6200 Besse Lane- VI INC. to Kenneth H. Besse and Mary Frances Besse
  • $175,000- 33 Jotham Court- James and Donielle Grimsley to Vonda Jane Burchardt
New Baden

  • $54,144- 612 Angela Court- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD

  • $220,500- 927 Crabapple Lane- Thomas A. Bruno and Lana K. Bruno to Joshua Hiam
  • $135,000- 2106 Streamview- Yong Moon Park and Melinda Park to Kristen Sawers
  • $50,000- 302 East Adams St.- Linda K. Walsh to Christopher and Sandra Rust

  • $350,000- 2134 Durham Drive- Terry Wayne Hall Jr. and Katherine Marie Hall to Michael J. Bennett and Shari R. Bennett
July 17, 2013


  • $10,500- 3408 Roland Avenue- Doris J. Keck to Katelyn E. Keck
  • $47,600- 5 Caceil Drive- Federal National Mortgage Association to Robert McTearnen
  • $26,900- 604 Belvedere Drive- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Robert A. Schmierbach
  • $134,500- 621 Reavis Drive- Federal National Mortgage Association to Anthony W. Pensoneau and Sheri L. Pensoneau
  • $34,000- 2015 Centreville Avenue- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Steven Harter and Kerrie Harter
  • $278,250- 6 Timber Shadows Road- Sharon L. Collins Revocable Trust to Matthew Hulliung and Patricia D. Hulliung
  • $172,500- 40 Westhaven Meadows Drive- Jacqueline C. Freeman to Douglas and Jill Seagle

  • $25,000- 22 Fox Meadow Lane- Fannie Mae to Reyna J. Harmon
  • $200- 100 West Adams Drive- HSBC Bank to Cozy Abodes LLC
  • $5,000- 510 Saint Leo Dr.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Jian You Yang and Zhang Xue Jin
  • $19,000- 1613 Armand- Agnes C. Potter to Metro Property Partners LLC

  • $44,900- 124 N. 4th St- PannyMac Corp. to Ron Dell and Anita Dell

  • $106,500- 513 Stanton Street- Raymond N. Stephens and Terrie A. Stephens to McKendree University

  • $147,900- 505 Matthew Drive- James R. and Barbara J. Fickes to Joseph B. and Mary K. Martz

  • $160,000- 25 Acorn Lake- Terry Steinkamp to Joshua and Jessica Kinnison
July 18, 2013


  • $170,000- 33 Kimberlin Lane- Lynn Vermeiren and Jason Baker to Neal A. Connors
  • $15,000- 408 North 1st Street- Jason J. Huelsmann and Angela M. Huelsmann to AMAC Properties LLC
  • $15,000- 401 North 1st Street- Jason Huelsmann and Angela Huelsmann to AMAC Properties LLC
  • $96,000- 3401 Sheridan Drive- Darryl S. Titchenal and Debra A. Titchenal to Elgin C. Cotton
  • $130,000- 916 Fox Glenn Lake- James Fisher and Vivian Fisher to Gail Ann Meese
  • $169,900- 44 N. Pennsylvania Ave.- Wayne Raymond Fields to George L. Black

  • $28,000- 119 Melvin- Metro Property Partners LLC to Mollie Duclos

  • $71,000- 5133 Webury Ct.- Stonehenge Land Trust II to Bradley and Lisa Johnson
East St. Louis

  • $1,700- 1401 N 54th St- Antoinette Smith to Horatio Sumrall
Fairview Heights

  • $84,500- 29 Joseph Drive- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Shamica Smith

  • $2,150,000- 1 Deerfield Court- Freeburg MHP LLC to Freeburg MHC LLC
  • $308,000- 8209 Peabody Road- Lawrence and Rochelle Schott to Richard and Katie Taylor

  • $108,000- 421 West Main St.- Timothy L. Christ to Gary A. Kesinger and Angela Kesinger

  • $105,000- 1654 and 1666 Sutter Lane- Harold E. and Marilyn S. Hughes to Wade C. Sutter and Jaime L. Mueller
  • $25,000- Vacant Land, XXXX Oakdale School Road- Harold E. and Marilyn S. Hughes to Clay E. and Tammi M. Sutter
  • $25,000- Vacant Land, XXXX Oakdale School Road- Harold E. and Marilyn S. Hughes to Norman G. and Sandra D. Sutter

  • $351,000- 509 Haddington Lane- John M. and Kristine E. Hettenhausen to Jonathan and Cassie Weber


  • $279,993- 1443 Cross Street- Havenhills Investments Company LLC to Ameren Illinois Company
  • $33,493- Frank Scott Pkwy and 0 Frank Scott Rd.- Havenhills Investment Company LLC to Ameren Illinois Company

  • $196,744- 4661 Cherry Circle Court- D & F Contracting INC. to Andy Stehl and Kate Stehl
July 19, 2013


  • $25,000- 1311 Maiden Lane- D. Schaefer to Mary Ann Freimuth
  • $245,000- 2045 Cedarwood Trail- Cassie Weber and Jonathan Weber to Jeffrey Naylor and Julie Naylor
  • $30,000- 2 Independence Drive- Federal National Mortgage Association to Daniel Virga and Melinda Virga
  • $13,750- 3816 W. Main Street- Norman C. Krause to Scott A. Jacob and Beth C. Jacob

  • $50,000- 439 South 6th Street- Heirs at Law and/or Legatees of Marian Lee DelVecchiio to Lisa L. Groca

  • $1,500- 805 South 48th Street- Inez Boykins to ABC Birmingham LLC
East St. Louis

  • $44,150- 36 Martel Dr.- Frontside Properties LLC to Auburn Leaf LLC
  • $41,000- 901 North 74th St.- Frontside Properties LLC to American Estate and Trust
Fairview Heights

  • $123,500- 58 Chateau Drive- Matthew R. McClaine and Emily M. McClaine to Chad M. Grubofski and Julie Ann Grubofski

  • $155,000- 1401 Red Fox Trail- Fannie Mae to Maryanne Fair
  • $480,000- 158 Whitmoor Drive- Theodore R. Sprague and Tina J. Sprague to John M. Hettenhausen and Kristine E. Hettenhausen

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