Madison County real estate July 1-5

By Sarah Powers | Jul 12, 2013

July 1, 2013


  • $419,300- Kerin Rd/Best Lane- Cheryl L. Ferguson to Kent R. Bohnenstiehl


  • $180,000- 4400 Woodburn Road- Kimberly A. Knogl to Steven J. Wassink


  • $187,000- 38 Kingston Road- Joseph Muniz to Helen R. Froncheck

  • $115,000- 106 Westminster Drive- Sydney Joy Wofford, Jahn S. O’Brien and David K. Strotheide to John A. McGlaun and Donna M. McGlaun

East Alton

  • $57,000- 429 Church Street- Lance Kerkemeyer to Ladon Mick

  • $44,000- 621 Washington Ave.- Rebecca Miller to Jordan R. Anderson


  • $250,000- 1246 Madison Ave.- Kevin Buchanan and Linda Buchanan to David Robert J. Perl and Amy E. Perl

  • $87,000- 9 Dorset Court- Gregory L. Wolkl to Daniel S. Schreiber and Jill C. Schreiber

  • $254,000- 300 Willow Creek Drive- John Borchers and Mary Ellen Borchers to John Dallas Mackie III and Amy Mackie

  • $63,641- 7318 Providence Drive- Hearthstone Development INC. to Remington Properties LLC

Glen Carbon

  • $217,500- 7007 Augusta Drive- Misty D. Smith and Daniel L. Smith to Relocation Properties Management LLC

  • $303,500- 137 Somerset Drive- Deborah A. Herdman to John Borchers and Mary Ellen Borchers

  • $107,000- 200 Hillcrest Dr.- Mary A. Fierce to Jacob Cyrus


  • $135,000- 5208 Shannon Drive- Oanh Nguyen to Brian Young

  • $188,000- 1715 Hicks Dr.- Ronald E. and Sharon L. Waggoner to Bruce A. and Amanda E. Farris

Granite City

  • $10,500- 2547 Hodges Ave- Mark M. Pashea to Richard A. Gouy

  • $7,250- 2834 Edwards Street- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Michael Brooks and Karla M. Brooks


  • $181,500- 185 Baneberry Dr.- Home Federal Saving and Loan Assoc. to Joshua L. Buchanan and Ashley L. Buchanan

  • $175,900- 12809 North Ridge Drive- Sarah Beth Taylor to Gerald Landolt


  • $40,000- 1219 Washington Avenue- David R. Uhercik to Ronald D. and Barbara J. Chandler


  • $184,000- 2275 Haverford Court- Allen Duncan and Hilary Duncan

New Douglas

  • $548,521- Alhambra Road- Cheryl L. Ferguson to Kent R. Bohnenstiehl

July 2, 2013


  • $117,000- 1621 Shurtleff Court- Joshua and Tabitha Hand to Robby Frerichs, Elizabeth Frerichs and Sarah Frerichs

  • $85,000- 901 and 903 East 6th St. and 334 Bluff St.- Clayton H. Krug to Ronald and Crystal Sitton

  • $65,000- 848 Chouteau Ave- Danielle Crane to Thomas M. Hentrich


  • $152,461- 121 Quail Run Drive- Gateway Home Builders to Mike and Eron Brewer


  • $147,500- 434 Bunker Hill Dr.- Walter B. Pingel and Teri E. Pingel to Chad H. Doyle

  • $172,250- 4 Oak Leaf Circle- James M. Andrae and Tamara Andrae to Carolyn Brooks

  • $121,500- 105 Rex Drive- Charles Bakken to Ian Brooks

Cottage Hills

  • $17,000- 1408 7th St.- Flagstar Capital Markets Corporation to HOMEiNVESTORS LLC

East Alton

  • $98,500- 451 Sullivan Street- Anna Frazier and Patti Diann Garner to Jacob Michael Sitze

  • $83,000- 158 West Haller- Casey and Jessica Stutz to Drew Brumley


  • $203,000- 2724 Partridge Place- Lee A. Bilbrey and Barbara Jean Bilbrey to Jeffrey T. Manuel and Susanne B. Leblanc

  • $251,000- 5 Kensington Court- Linda I. Lash to Eric B. Steinhauff and Ginger Christine Steinhauff

Glen Carbon

  • $219,000- 2957 Mark Trail Drive- Charles J. Schneider and Ann Lynn Schneider to Adam Garrett and Laura Garrett


  • $195,000- 5006 Eiffel Court- Douglas and Margot Huber to Norma Conley

  • $320,000- 1717 Aster Ln.- Michael J. and Lisa M. Barton to Eric and Amy Pruitt

  • $294,000- 2916 Doral Dr.- Lori D. Freshour to William Charles Kiel II and Melissa Schleepe

  • $26,000- 310 Pearl St.- U. S. Bank to Patrick Trout

  • $320,000- 5309 Cedar Creek- James and Linda Eisenreich to Pamela Drake

Granite City

  • $112,000- 2721 Idaho, 1633 Olive, 801 Reynolds, 1930 Adams, 1348 Meridian, 2225 Cardinal- Goshen Real Estate LLC to DPM Investments LLC

  • $23,500- 2611 Larussa Court- Timothy Ellsworth and Lisa Ellsworth to Todd E. Propes and Rebecca A. Propes


  • $30,000- 1511 Laurel Street- Government National Mortgage Association to Shannon T. Snow and Jessica M. Snow


  • $236,000- 6967 Magona Ct.- Jacky Burton and Natalie Burton to David D. Gorsage and Janice K. Gorsage


  • $220,000- 9 Fawn Valley- United Community Bank to Charles and Rhonda Stegall


  • $122,500- 401 Ackerman Place- Sarah J. Poirot to Taylor Holste

Wood River

  • $57,500- 285 9th St.- Virginia L. Hobkirk to Clinton Daniel Bakken

  • $95,000- 418 East Ferguson Avenue- Michelle Stassi Moreland to Sheila A. Fudge

  • $32,700- 266 East Penning Avenue- Community First Bank to Ariel Walls

June 3, 2013


  • $14,000- 702 E. Main- Kenneth Rowen and Sandra Rowen to Lisa A. Carey


  • $195,000- 4800 Azalea Pl.- Wallace J. and Gay L. Grothaus to James F. and Linda Eisenreich


  • $60,000- 517 B St.- Greg G. and Karen K. Pope to Defran Corporation


  • $600,000- 7355 Hearthstone Boulevard- Kevin Kahrig and Lisa Kahrig to Bridget Brasfield

Glen Carbon

  • $115,000- 11 Saddlewood Lane- Timothy Schaubert and Brenda Schaubert to NISSCO Enterprises LLC


  • $18,000- 234 Luella Drive- Ronald R. Rittenhouse and Jeanne A. Rittenhouse to William B. and Mary C. Hiller

Granite City

  • $78,000- 2921 Forest Ave.- Elizabeth A. Meade to Daniel J. Meade

  • $13,000- 2149 Delmar Ave.- Judy S. Wilkerson to Stacie Lynn Voss

  • $97,500- 3279 Franklin Ave.- Matthew Wiwczaroski and Heather Wiwczaroski to Amber Hopper

  • $15,000- 2525 Missouri Ave.- James Abbott to Michael P. Dixon Sr.

  • $10,000- 2826 Edwards St.- Karen Bautsch, Susan Fletcher and Elaine Green to Karen Bautsch and Sam A. Bautsch

  • $64,000- 4913 Willow Ln- Cynthia Lynn Elliott, Susan Marie Leibold, Patricia Eleanor Wentz and Rose Ann Gaudreault to Gerald Ervin Leibold Jr. and Jennifer Leibold


  • $181,000- 238 Meyer Ave.- William L. Frields and Rhonda J. Frields to Bryan M. Benton and Casei J. Benton


  • $32,000- 210 E. 5th St.- Anna Lou Felkel to John W. Pilger Jr. and Joyce E. Pilger


  • $1,500- 202 West Pocahontas Road- John C. Meyer to Paul J. Riggins


  • $808 Lee Street- Charles R. Fizone to James Hill


  • $250,000- 200 West Division Street- KC Companies LLC to KC Companies LLC

Pontoon Beach

  • $275,000- 401 Pontoon Road- David G. Schneidewind to K & K Real Estate Associates LLC


  • $150,000- 312 S. Main St., 308 S. Main, 316 S. Main, 313 S. Hickory- United Pentecostal Church of Troy to Todd Lindow

  • $58,500- 308 Cook Street- Fannie Mae to Kyle B. Hueter and Cynthia E. Hueter

  • $350,000- 8965 State Route 162- New Life Assembly of God of Troy to United Pentecostal Church of Troy

June 5, 2013


  • $65,500- 1009 Lafayette Ct.- Betty J. Frakes and Marsha L. Bagley to Joseph L. Carter

  • $175,000- 108 Roger Dr.- Diane L. Clark to Walter B. Pingel

  • $104,000- 311 Louise Drive- Jamie L. Woodward and David S. Bielaczyc to Doris King

  • $390,000- 5370 Sugar Loaf Road- Pre-Cox Properties LLC to Christopher Ammann and Tamara Ammann


  • $227,500- Old Carpenter Road- Clifford W. Gruner and Judith M. Gruner to Andrea J. Hester and Aaron D. Specht

  • $138,000- St. James Drive- Michael M. Saboff to Jay A. and Jane L. Griffin

  • $126,500- 1254 Emerson- Leighanne Gina Romani-Reedy to Robert Gucciardo and Gina Gucciardo

  • $18,500- 950 Hillsboro- Est. of George H. Davis and Pamela Greyak to Ranae Harris Properties LLC

  • $64,000- 3900 Stone Hollow Lane- Black Oak Development LLC to Nathan D. Sturycz and Sarah J. Sturycz

  • $161,000- 1830 Esic Dr.- Charles W. Amburg and Jane M. Amburg to Vincent Piazza and Jenna Kassis

Glen Carbon

  • $159,000- 20 Crabapple Ln- Elizabeth Buchanan to Terry Wiesehan and John Gail

  • $245,000- 7427 Clarence Ct- Authorized Signatory for RTR Development Company INC. to Anthony C. Frey and Patricia A. Frey

  • $162,750- 115 Bayfield Dr.- Robert J. McAllister and Janet L. McAllister to Igor Crk and Elizabeth Crk

  • $214,000- 25 Olivia Lane- Lise A. Wieda to Jay R. Werner and Serena A. Everett

  • $165,000- 102 Bayridge- Rolf G. Behrents and Eileen Behrents to Justin Vanmatre

  • $188,000- 2 Matterhorn Drive- Glenn L. Kaisershot and Colleen K. Kaisershot to James W. White Jr. and Nicole A. White

Granite City

  • $100,000- 3237 W. Chain of Rocks Road- Rivers of Life Community Church INC. to HWS Real Estate Series of the HWS Investments Series LLC


  • $229,900- 299 Stetson Drive- Saddlewood Development INC. to Matthew W. and Sandra J. Bowers


  • $141,000- 1872 Waage Road- Mary Francis Zurliene to Jared M. Mason

  • $90,000- 809 8th Street- Bonnie Riggs to Donald J. Carnley

  • $116,500- 1504 19th Street- Kyle and Amanda Korte to Kendra L. Hutchins

  • $235,000- 13302 Fawn Creek Road- James M. and Frances H. Carey to Keck Family Trust


  • $267,225- 4 Annebriar Dr.- Definitive Home and Design INC. to Lawrence P. Maggio and Christine L. Maggio

  • $212,000- 13 Oak Leaf- William H. McCreary and Amanda McCreary to Benjamin G. Timmons and Ashley M. Timmons

  • $97,000- 821 Westwood- Adam Garrett and Laura Garrett to Richard A. Guyton

St. Jacob

  • $73,000- 104 2nd Street- Allegra Majors to Calvin C. Haberer Jr. and Linda Haberer

  • $107,500- 212 Jacob Street- Brian Todd Kimbrell to Gary D. Warren


  • $98,000- 504 Redbud Lane- Richard D. Hall to Andrew Holthaus

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