June 17, 2013


  • $10,000- 510 Goodfellow Ave- Breakneck Pass Ranch Associates to Robert Jackson


  • $113,000- 705 Valley View Drive- Dana M. Scarff and Chad M. Scarff to William E. Woodruff III and Amanda L. Woodruff

  • $88,900- 323 Sheridan Street- Eric D. Williams to Vicki L. Broyles


  • $27,103- 1221 Constance St.- CitiMortgage INC. to Stephen Wiltons

  • $134,000- 11 Creekside Drive- Douglas Hartmann Jr. to John N. Schiber and Marie C. Schiber

  • $117,500- 509 A & B Camelot Dr.- George Ann Henderson to S2 Homes LLC

East Alton

  • $173,000- 720 Birch Street- Craig Smith and Lori Smith to John A. Reed and Andrea N. Reed


  • $390,000- 5729 Old Alton Edwardsville Road- Charles L. Wynne Jr. to Christopher T. Layloff and Carolyn R. Layloff

  • $250,000- 701 Hillsboro Ave.- DBD Properties INC. to Pushpa Corp.

  • $134,900- 727 Slippery Rock Drive- Sandra R. Engelke to Charlene Blair

  • $169,900- 5001 Potters Court- Valeria M. Marlett and William Canter to Justin Ray Finckbone and Sophia C. R. Finckbone

Glen Carbon

  • $108,605- 93 Mark Trail Drive- Elaine M. Knecht to SMS Homes LLC

Granite City

  • $13,000- 2440 Hodges- Deanna Miller, Judith Broshow and Carol Law to Lawrence V. Bilbrey and Charlotte M. Bilbrey

  • $3,500- 2221 Missouri Avenue- GCS Credit Union to Gilmore Properties & Investments Limited

  • $86,000- 3309 Lydia Lane- Judith E. Horsnby, as surviving joint tenant of Leven L. Hornsby to Nicholaus Roberts

  • $90,000- 3329 Palm St.- Thomas A. Beck and Deborah A. Heintz to Gregory Alan Heintz

  • $800- 4100 Pontoon Road- Eddie Sturgeon to Robert Luken


  • $40,000- Bledsan Lane- Timothy Gruhlke to John Michael Shipley and Jodie Louise Shipley

  • $172,500- 120 Forest Ct.- Nathan A. Gray and Renee M. Gray to Richard Westbrook and Ashley Westbrook

June 18, 2013


  • $29,900- 2704 Queen St.- Clayton H. Krug Trust to Christopher Ontis


  • $140,000- 204 Willow Drive- Lisa M. Mena to George Ann Henderson and Robert A. Arnold

  • $95,000- 27 White Lily Drive- Sandra C. Blair to Ryan Bequette

  • $81,000- 322 Central Ave.- SRT Properties LLC to Andrew R. Carper

  • $178,000- 2022 Greenbriar Drive- William J. Wolfe and Marie A. Wolfe to David P. King and Teresa L. King

  • $154,700- 500 S. Clinton Street- William P. and Susan Biggins to City of Collinsville

  • $1,250- 515 South Clinton- Jeanette A. Cates to City of Collinsville

  • $400- 459 South Clinton Street- Kathleen Shimkus to City of Collinsville

  • $600- 515 South Clinton- Jeanette A. Cates to City of Collinsville

East Alton

  • $80,000- 50 S. 9th St.- Sathian Suntra and Malee Suntra to Kris Suntra


  • $295,000- 102 Pleasant Ridge Dr.- Jason Krapf to Neil T. Schroeder

  • $175,000- 1927 Monticello Place- Daniel S. Johnson and Linda K. Johnson to Randolph L. McIntyre and Jodeen L. McIntyre

  • $116,500- 4525 Raulston Lane- Catherine R. and William N. Patterson to Joshua H. Evans

  • $190,000- 16 Timber Meadows Pl- Jonathan E. and Kimberly R. Wilkinson Trust to Melissa J. Hertz

  • $13,500- East Lake Drive- Lee Ann Dunker, Catherine Hartnagel and Janey Hamilton to Christopher E. Kane and Tracey S. Kane

  • $207,000- 315 State Street- Mary Jo Burke to John D. Schoolman and Nancy A. Schoolman

  • $501,000- 112 Friars Lane- Andrew Walter to Bryan E. Speight and Candra C. Speight

  • $203,000- 10 Cheshire Ct.- Laurrean J. Wooten Mike and Jarvis O. Wooten to Thomas Klipsch and Teresa L. Specials-Klipsch

  • $76,000- 5 Burton Place- Philip W. Schlemer to Ashley Hartman

Glen Carbon

  • $362,935- 6 Brimley Court- Spencer Homes LLC to Caroline L. Chavez and Joshua T. Chavez

  • $240,000- 7026 Gable Court- Patrick M. Keller and Sarah M. Keller to Tyler C. Miller

  • $44,500- 137 Ellington Ct.- Meridian Manors Development LLC to Spencer Homes LLC

  • $44,500- 129 Ellington Ct.- Meridian Manors Development LLC to Spencer Homes LLC


  • $177,500- 6819 Wadlow Ct.- Steven U. and Julie M. Enke to Shannon Effinger and Kevin Walker

  • $49,900- 303 Tremont Drive- Darin C. McCall and Traci L. McCall to Larry D. Bell

Granite City

  • $16,812- 2207 Edna Street- Harbour Portfolio VII LP to Vernon G. Powell

  • $29,115- 20 Wilson Park Drive- Federal National Mortgage Association to HOMEiNVESTORS LLC

  • $1,600- 2540 Missouri Ave.- Metro East Sanitary District to Robert Luken

  • $2,100- Missouri Ave.- Robert Luken to Danny Dawson


  • $600,000- 221 W. 4th St.- Elbert M. Elliott to Britni Kelso


  • $122,900- 1609 25th Street- David A. Svezia and Joi D. Svezia to Robert Dettmers and Danielle Dettmers

  • $154,117- 250 Falcon Drive East- Eric K. Jakel to Nicole L. Ramsey

  • $173,000- 250 Falcon Drive East- Christopher Daniel Ramsey and Nicole L. Ramsey to David A. Svezia and Joe D. Svezia

  • $56,000- 302 Broadway- JPMorgan Chase Bank to Advanced Real Estate Management Services


  • $51,400- 215 North Humboldt Street- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Joshua Lee Dewitte


  • $179,500- 1947 Wellington Lane- Kevin P. Merrick and Danielle N. Merrick to Duc V. Chu and Kathryn K. Chu


  • $65,500- 307 Staunton Road- Joshua M. Walker and Amanda S. Walker to Kevin Ziegler

Wood River

  • $66,000- 743 State St.- Kevin Wickenhauser and John George to Elsie and Ronald Davenport

  • $19,029- 155 12th Street- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Christopher W. Dorman

June 19, 2013


  • $98,000- 3601 Gary Avenue- William C. and Mary Beth Anderson to Zachary F. and Jennifer B. Ansell

  • $175,000- 418 W. 4th Street- Robert John Roennigke and Jane Joyce Roennigke to Leah Lincoln


  • $190,000- 8248 Bethalto Road- Henry J. Boss to Eric M. Kospie, Guen Kopsie and Jeffrey B. Kopsie

  • $96,000- 114 Grace Street- Susan A. Vogel and Steve Vogel to Becky L. Bakkken

East Alton

  • $86,000- 405 California Avenue- Steven S. and Janice M. Maynard to Eric Hallstead


  • $68,770- 452 E. Lake Drive- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Marla Kym Brown

  • $160,000- 231 Circle Drive- Alvin Joseph Arth and Mary Kathleen Arth to Chad Morris and Tina Morris

  • $140,000- 138 North Main Street and 1233 Grand Avenue- J.F. Barton Contracting Company to Kae Investments LLC

Glen Carbon

  • $56,500- 125 Ellington Court- Meridian Manors Development LLC to Lerch Homes INC.


  • $97,000- 615 Saint Peter Drive- Joshua G. Malloy to Christopher M. Wood

Granite City

  • $2,277- 2622 Missouri- Robert Luken to Danny Dawson

  • $466,750- 1600 Windsor Ave.- Windsor Land Trust to I-255 LLC

  • $10,000- 2406 Bryan Avenue- CCS Renovations and General Contracting LLC to Julian D. King

  • $52,500- 3336 Palm St- The Bank of New York Mellon to Winifred J. Holt

  • $10,000- 2208 Adams Street- U.S. Bank National Association to Bill Gaede


  • $185,000- 238 Meyer Ave.- Joshua R. Heil and Lori M. Heil to William L. Frields and Rhonda J. Frields


  • $178,900- 20 Golden Rock Lane- William A. and Rachel L. Faust to Ty M. and Yvetter Welchlen

  • $37,500- 2768 Water Lily Lane- Jay M. Bloemker and Jill M. Bloemker to Christopher M. Schneider and Pamela M. Schneider

  • $231,500- 55 Tara Trail- Bridget C. Tinsley to Jason M. Lasky and Julie M. Lasky

  • $56,500- 120 Suppiger Lane Apt 104- Laverne Bradley to Shana Lee Special Needs Trust


  • $162,750- 6141 Keebler Oaks Dr.- Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Sylvan Landau

South Roxana

  • $62,861- 607 Missouri Avenue- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD


  • $230,000- 220 N. Dewey- BMO Harris Bank to BTIF LLC

  • $117,000- 304 Watt Street- Federal National Mortgage Association to Tyler J. Moore and Emily S. Pieper

Wood River

  • $39,350- 201 10th St.- Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Michael Harman

June 20, 2013


  • $130,000- 5200 Pin Oak Drive- Michael Kane and Stephen Kane to Tim and Sally Carroll

  • $57,000- 3800 Horn Avenue- Nicholas and Heather Fencel to Karl and Lori Sadler

  • $57,000- 1128 4th Street- Karen Bentley to Nicholas and Heather Fencel

  • $21,500- 2308 Pebble Creek Drive- Chicago Title Land Trust to Amanda J. and Christopher A. Scoggins

  • $116,500- 9024 Oakridge Drive- Polly Thery Landgraf to Eric S. Wright

  • $152,000- 8412 Beane Ln.- Tracy Black to Brookfield Relocation INC.

  • $152,000- 8412 Beane Ln.- Brookfield Relocation INC. to Charles and Ashley Butcher


  • $56,000- 221 North Combs Avenue- Fannie Mae to Craldoni Properties LLC

East Alton

  • $133,500- 424 Valleyview Drive- Joshua Lipe to Robert Sherman and Angela Sherman


  • $165,000- 405 Westview Drive- Andreas and Melissa Stefik to Calli Zoelzer and Cody Trosley

  • $45,000- 406 Kansas Street- Susan Peterson to John Linkes

  • $318,000- 5301 3 Lakes Estates Lane- Bank of America to Patrick J. Lewis and Melinda Lewis

Glen Carbon

  • $191,050- 40 Autumn Glen- George Aguirre to Stone Financing

  • $191,050- 40 Autumn Glen- Stone Financing to Scott Esker

Granite City

  • $62,500- 2906 Marshall Ave.- Yeager Properties INC. to Robert G. Kelley III

  • $275,000- 16th Street- Stamps Sewer and Pipe Cleaning INC. to Troika Properties LLC


  • $15,000- 1222 Iowa St.- Grant H. Harbison and Sherry J. Harbison to Dillon Smith

  • $3,000- 2012 4th Street- Michael Wayne Hogan to Thomas Sonnenschein


  • $50,101- 402 N. Nebraska Street- U.S. Bank to James A. Fickert


  • $178,000- 510 W. Moro Dr.- Robert W. and Angela C. Sherman to Stanley H. and Judy M. Clark


  • $158,000- 914 Carla Drive- Leander Mathews and Karen Mathews to Michael P. Hamil and Reena J. Hamil


  • $203,500- 7645 Possum Hill Road- Bobby M. Naler and Deann K. Naler to Ronald A. Christlieb and Rita G. Christlieb

June 21, 2013


  • $114,000- 922 McPherson Ave.- Donald P. and Roberta J. Bethtold to Corey M. Rigdon


  • $125,000- 314 Walnut Dr.- Jason W. Farmer and Laurie M. Farmer to Mark Roady and Holly Roady

  • $87,000- 107 Linda Drive- Gary William Mabry to Teresa King

East Alton

  • $53,147- 625 Lincoln Avenue- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD


  • $205,000- 7013 Stallion Dr.- Rama Raychoti and Pranesh Rao to Jo Ann Pritchett

  • $289,000- 6362 Buchta Drive- Dennis F. Barker to Robert R. Waugh and Janis E. Waugh

Glen Carbon

  • $475,000- 225 Fountains Drive- Gary Manderschied and Carol Manderschied to James B. Emahiser and Nancy L. Emahiser

  • $223,500- 7 Greenbriar Lane- Nancy M. Eilers to David E. Stoecklin and Wanda L. Stoecklin


  • $25,777- 4643 N. Alby Road- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Nicholas Bernard Bensman

  • $196,000- 33 Frontenac Pl.- Michael T. and Sharon Connolly to Mark A. and Melissa A. Pruitt

Granite City

  • $58,000- 2306 State Street- Rocky McDonald and Julie McDonald to Miguel m. Huitron

  • $1,000- 2752 Myrtle Ave.- Faith Baptist Church of Granite City to Ricky S. Wallace and Sylvia Travis


  • $85,000- 918 Westwood- Peggy Ann Kleine to Barbara K. Douglas

St. Jacob

  • $142,000- 106 Jacob Street- Diana Lyn Ward to Ronnie L. Wilson and Christina Marie Wilson

  • $15,625- 403 Walnut Road- Peggy Marie Bohnenstiehl to Jerry W. Bohnenstiehl and Lynn A. Bohnenstiehl


  • $175,000- 934 Wheatridge Court- Mark D. Whitchurch to Joshua Smucker and Elizabeth Stygar

  • $307,000- 3 Schurwood Drive- Ronnie Wilson and Christina Wilson to Kenneth Hunter and Dawn Hunter

  • $260,000- 208 Joseph Dr.- Kerry M. Gaultney and Deb Myers-Gaultney to Bert Gatlin

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