To the Editor:

The people of my district and St. Clair County deserve to know that their elected officials are not on drugs and have clear minds when making decisions that impact their lives.  I voluntarily took a drug screening so that I can prove to everyone that I am drug free.

I'm asking that all elected officials, judges, and department heads get tested and implement a program for the random testing of their employees.  The only way we can work to put this scandal behind us, and possibly discover additional abuses that need to be dealt with, is to test everyone.

It’s especially important for the elected officials and judges to get tested because we should lead by example.  It’s not right for us to demand others take a drug test that we’re not willing to take ourselves.

The county, my constituents, or anybody at all can ask to test me at any time or any place.  You can wake me up at 3 a.m., hand me a test, and I’ll take it.  The only people that fear taking drug tests are those that have something to hide, and that’s not me.

Nick Miller

St. Clair County Board – District 4

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