May 6, 2013
• $164,000- 4729 Harvestyme- Wells Fargo Financial to Adam and Courtney Miller
• $137,500- 5 Summit Trails Ct.- Travis A. House to Demetrius D. Barefield Sr.
• $137,500- 420 Wadsworth Street- Thomas E. Wengert to Marietta J. Burton
East Alton
• $45,000- 100 Whitelaw Avenue- Emma Miller to Donna K. Phillips
• $355,000- 9 Forest Hill Lane- Troy Walton and Anne Walton to Patrick M. Perry and Karis M. Perry
• $148,500- 1107 Troy Road- Holly C. Davis to Michael P. Walton
• $31,000- 307 Barnett Drive- Robert Ashauer to J & K Moseley INC.
• $292,500- 1101 Timberlake Drive- Ned T. Lyerly Jr. and Leaann P. Lyerly to Jason Miller and Jessica Mefford-Miller
• $168,000- 224 Seminole St.- J & K Moseley INC. to Christopher Wren
• $328,000- 311-313 Monticello Place- Bonne Terre Construction INC. to Eric L. Levin and Elizabeth M. Levin
• $50,000- 7859 Sun Ridge Court- Sun Ridge Development INC. to Jared Litteken and Nichole Litteken
• $122,500- 904 Prickett Ave.- Robert A. Simmons and Tara J. Simmons to Melissa A. Armstead
• $72,000- Edwardsville Rd.- Richard L. Rickey, Tari R. Rickey, Wesley E. Rickey, and Paula A. Rickey
Glen Carbon
• $283,000- 136 E. Oakshire Dr.- Mike Walton to Jason A. Huck and Jessica L. Huck
• $287,500- 6 Rose Court- Jacqueline F. Pieron to Michael Collignon and Michelle D. Collignon
• $186,000- 85 Morningside Drive- Chad Tobin and Emily Tobin to Justin Kuehnel and Christine Kuehnal
• $114,000- 121 Hillcrest- Shirley A. Brown to Frederick Fucinari
Granite City
• $8,000- 2406 Bryan Ave.- Deloris Hoosier, as surviving joint tenant of Norman Hoosier to CCS Renovations & General Contracting LLC
• $64,000- 612 East Chains of Rocks Road- Carl E. Hackney to Maynard L. Stark
• $16,250- 2671 Washington Avenue- Fannie Mae to Michael Freytag
• $71,000- 2113 Dawn Pl- Clarence Gibson to Gary L. Gibson
Pontoon Beach
• $4,000- 5 foot strip of Sam’s Rd.- Ronald Shafer to Sam Shafer Sr.
Saint Jacob
• $158,500- 173 Jessica Drive- Fannie Mae to Mary Elizabeth Curry
• $39,500- 30 Claybrooke Court- Joseph E. Osborn and Donald P. Osborn to Sundance Home Development INC.
• $187,000- 99 Sugar Mill Road- Maryann Purcell, Amy Lynn Zinda and Bradley Allen Purcell to Anthony S. Raciak and Erica D. Raciak
• $142,000- 8850 Church Rd.- Andrea T. Goff and Brandon Goff to Jacob Charles Bartels
May 7, 2013
• $77,500- 3633 Western Ave.- Clinton Ezell and Angela Ezell to Brian Inlow
• $123,000- 710 Franklin St.- Chris Raymond and Deanna L. Altenbernd to Amanda M. Whitlock
• $18,000- 1017 E. 7th St.- Hellrung Properties LLC to FMK INC.
• $147,000- 144 Patriots Drive- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Matthew J. Dycus and Natalie K. Dycus
• $122,900- 213 Ashbrook Street- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Matthew A. Norris
• $143,000- 304 Dana Drive- Sheldon W. Perry to Jamie L. Furfaro
• $137,000- 129 Country Lane- Michelle E. Warbritton to Christine Clark
• $150,000- 408 Cypress Creek Road- Roger I. Gillespie and Carol J. Gillespie to Angela Boehne and Kiete Boehne
• $29,000- 608 Autumn Ave.- Tina D. Finley to WB Pan LLC
• $206,030- 891-893 Lester Avenue- The Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
East Alton
• $4,000- 429 5th Street- Shirley A. Jones to Gene Babcock
• $250,000- 171 N. Meadow Ridge Trail- Susan N. Eaker to Kari E. Eaker
• $70,000- 7312 Kindlewood Drive- Stephen A. Sabo, Rebecca L. Sabo to Superior Home Builders INC.
• $250,501- 112 Prairie Manor Drive- Cynthia A. Huppert to Alan G. Brandmeyer and Melissa Heurmann
• $121,600- 511 Notre Dame Ave.- Linda M. Stolitza to Kenneth Neher and Dawn Greenwood
• $238,000- 6870 St. James Dr.- First Collinsville Bank to Dennis Neese and Judi Neese
Glen Carbon
• $129,000- 24 Alta Street- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Michael Doty
• $270,000- 133 Meridian Oaks Dr.- Hunziker Homes INC. to Shane Shafer
• $138,500- 127 Appletree Lane- Paul T. Cotton and Holly Cotton to Jason Bonomo and Alicia Bonomo
• $75,273- 336 Saint Anthony- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Aaron B. Barber II
• $158,000- 7000 Chambers Rd.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Edward Hoffman and Tina Hoffman
• $72,000- 722 Winter Lane- Emogene M. Vogt to Bobbi Russell
Granite City
• $71,500- 2900 Warren Ave.- Justin A. Kuehnel and Christine Kuehnel to Shawn Lindsey
• $12,000- 2613 Iowa St.- Betty J. Williams to Bill Gaede
• $65,000- 1544 Garfield Avenue- Justin D. Warren and Amy Warren to Anthony A. Lipinski and Juanita M. Lipinski
• $145,000- 2350 Gary- Delora L. Cox to Gracepoint Pentecostal Church INC.
• $30,000- 41 Legacy Drive- William E. and Nancy L. Ellington to Donald M. Weis Jr.
• $40,103- 105 2nd Street- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Pamela Rees
• $155,468- 215 North Humboldt Street- Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
• $248,000- 537 Coventry Road- Harold D. Lopez and Glenda L. Lopez to William R. Jones Jr. and Deborah K. Jones
Wood River
• $105,332- 67 Harnett Ave.- The Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
• $84,000- 757 Purvis Dr.- Estate of Freda J. Bazzell to Lauren R. Strickland
• $111,697- 957 East Penning- The Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
May 8, 2013
• $40,000- 707 Condit Avenue- Laveeda James to Betty H. Vallery
• $95,000- 238 Maurice- Lauri Langley to Dean Schmitt and Shannon Knight
• $112,500- 4421 Thadway- Tina M. and Edward Robert Hoffman to Krista E. Wellenkamp
• $140,000- 506 Arizona- Terri S. Lowrance to Ryan and Samantha Doolin
East Alton
• $175,000- 545 West Saint Louis Avenue- Ann R. Ezzo to Amerco Real Estate company
• $117,250- 48 Halleck- Scott L. Phillips to Kevin Jeffreys
• $220,000- 216 North Fillmore Street- Bev George and Associates INC. to Brandon Kozak, Gregory Kozak and Patricia M. Kozak
• $358,000- 2875 Indians Meadows Lane- Phillip Steven Thompson and Soldrea Lyn Thompson to David Sturm
Glen Carbon
• $185,000- 20 Jason Drive- Jeffrey B. Stark and Lisa Lafikes to Jessica Kuechle and Jacob Toner
• $145,000- 119 Alby North Court- Michael D. Paslay to Eric Ferenbach
Granite City
• $79,900- 4135 Melrose Avenue- Kenneth D. Herrin and Lori L. Herrin to Clyde David Ninness Jr. and Deborah J. Ninness
• $800,000- 9305 Loos Road- Delores Wojtysiak and Donna Severit to Kent, Daren and Joshua Bohnenstiehl
South Roxana
• $28,000- 401 Park Street- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Kurtis Emshousen and Dawn Emshousen
May 9, 2013
• $170,000- 10825 State Route 140- The Bank of Edwardsville to Blackburn Road Storage INC.
• $2,500- 1100 Wallace Street- Bryan Gorman to Lewis and Clark Habitat for Humanity
• $73,000- 3625 Coronado Drive- Amanda and Matthew Crane to Nicholas R. Clark and Alyssa M. Raines
• $50,000- 411 Albers Place- Beverly A. Akeman to William E. and Carolyn J. Simmons
• $121,500- 610 Montana Street- John D. Carveiro and Lori Carveiro to Christopher L. Johnson
• $142,000- 26 Parkside Drive- Mary Jean Jones to Gerald Bowman and Karron M. Bowman
• $99,750- McDonough Lake Rd.- The Holst Family Limited Partnership to David Willaredt
• $80,000- 510 St. Louis Road- Citizens Community Bank to JRG Holdings
• $112,000- 741 Troy Road- Mandy M. Williams to Joshua Stephen Chambliss
• $72,500- 323 Brown Ave.- Bettie M. Townsend to Tammy L. Wattleworth
East Alton
• $15,278- 416 Job- Thomas W. Close to Tonya Proctor
• $144,300- 702 W. Airwood Drive- Christopher P. Newgent and Amanda Newgent to John Caveiro and Lori Caveiro
• $87,500- 214 Hickory Street- REOCO INC. to Edward Sly
• $122,000- 5 Brookside Ct.- Luke C. Smith and Andrea K. Hinkle to Taylor S. Allgaier and Brittany N. Allgaier
• $248,000- 17 Weybridge Ct.- Michael H. Pearman and Mary J. Pearman to Brandon Storm and Alison Storm
• $93,900- 1031 W. High Street- Jerrold R. Cobetto to Markia A. Ivy
• $5,250- Shores Dr.- Irene K. Janes and Gregory Christakos to Tom Martin
• $5,250- Shore Dr.- Irene K. Janes to Tom Martin
Glen Carbon
• $245,000- 32 Ginger Creek Parkway- Hansen Builders INC. to Larry Joiner and Sharon Joiner
Granite City
• $31,250- 4025 Division Street- PNMAC MORT OPP FUND INV to Gilmore Properties and Inv. LTD
• $10,000- 3808 B Street- Rene Bassett Butler to Gilberto Torres Cervantes and Coralia Torres
• $217,000- 345 Baneberry Drive- Feldman Homes INC. to Highland Hope United Methodist Church
• $85,000- Kennedy Lane- Aida Audia and Jeffrey Topal to Seth McDowell and Jenny McDowell
• $300,000- 2127 Edwardsville Rd.- Gale Aulabaugh INC. to 2127 Edwardsville Rd. LLC
• $230,000- 1865 Robins Mill Ct.- Brandon M. Schneider and Emily Ann Schneider to Pacifico P. Palmes Jr. and Consuelo Grace Y. Palmes
• $120,000- 6338 Midway Drive- Audrey Friedel to Stephen M. Vogel and Susan A. Vogel
• $149,821- 42 Westbrooke- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of Veterans Affairs
• $323,000- 608 Woodland Hills Road- John C. Lacopo and Mary B. Lacopo to Andrew Shubert and Alison Shubert
• $177,000- 6 Parklane- Ginger S. Williams to Douglas D. Fitch Jr.
• $60,000- 8914 Wheat Drive- Shadow Wood Development LLC to Premier Homes by Jones LLC
Wood River
• $22,000- 132 12th Street- Selen Rmof II REO Acquisition LLC to Mark A. Adams, Diane D. Adams and James A. Veloff

May 10, 2013
• $39,900- 2624 Walnut Street- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Evelyn K. Forrester
• $150,000- 1445 Bluff Road- First National Bank in Staunton to Blackburn Road Storage INC.
Cottage Hills
• $72,722- 1458 8th Street- The Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
East Alton
• $113,000- 287 Maywood Drive- Gary Isom and Rise Isom to Timothy J. Naylor and Desiree J. Naylor
• $235,000- 214 Hillsboro Avenue- Dennis and Jeremy Potthast to Cardinal Catastrophe Services INC.
• $127,500- 516 Bollman Avenue- Caroline L. Chavez and Joshua Chavez to Rachel Werner and Valerian Eversgerd
• $188,000- 6611 Liberty Prairie Lane- William A. Baugh to William D. Coulter and Donna K. Coulter
Glen Carbon
• $218,000- 108 Oakshire Drive East- Christopher L. Bunselmeyer and Janice L. Bunselmeyer to Heather R. Brooks
• $280,000- 204 Oakshire Drive East- Remington Properties LLC to Christopher Bunselmeyer and Janice Bunselmeyer
• $139,000- 48 Red Bud Lane- The Bank of Edwardsville to David I. Pagel
• $108,400- 1502 Biscay- Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Granite City
• $27,800- 3033 Circle Drive- Federal National Mortgage Association to Glen A. Wilson Jr.
• $18,500- 2821 Dale Avenue- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Edward E. Gerber and Katrina I. Gerber
• $184,500- 9 Saline Dr.- First Collinsville Bank to Terry Zapisek
• $260,000- 125 Oak Hill Drive- Sue Tipton to Christopher S. Johnson and Emily M. Johnson

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