Open letter to President Obama

By The Madison County Record | Apr 18, 2013

President Obama:

President Obama:

As a former university lecturer on the subject of the U.S. Constitution, you know the federal Constitution is fundamental law which cannot be changed by legislation.

You also know that the Amendments to the Constitution cannot be changed by legislation because they are also fundamental law.

You know through your studies, the Second Amendment was not written to protect hunting rights. Nor was it written to allow citizens to protect themselves from criminal attack.

The Second Amendment was written as a means by which citizens (and States) could protect themselves from the federal government taking from them what does not belong to the federal government.

If the federal Executive is intent on proposing changes to the Second Amendment, it may not be done by legislation. However, there is a process for making changes to the Constitution which is described in Article 5 of the Constitution.

To make a change to the Constitution (or a previously enacted Amendment) all you need is a “Yes” vote from two-thirds of the members of the U.S. House of Representatives, two-thirds of the members of the U.S. Senate, and a “Yes” vote from three-quarters of the State Legislatures and you can have it your way.  Until then, the Constitution stands as fundamental law. 

Lee A. Presser


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