Madison County real estate Feb. 25-March 1

By Sarah Powers | Mar 7, 2013

February 25, 2013


  • $85,900- 269 Herbert Street- Joseph and Dawn Shaw to Andrew Maynor and Ashley Maynor

  • $30,000- 242 Alben Street- Common Cents Homes to Joseph and Dawn Shaw

  • $17,500- 811 Maurice St.- Deutsche Bank to John Bidnerbost

  • $70,000- 2717 Grandview Ave.- Gregory A. and Laura J. Bock to Melody Ann Davis-Wilson

  • $125,000- 1602 Liberty St.- Dennise I. and Richard B. O’Dell to Kenneth D. Patterson


  • $55,000- 1301 Keebler Road- Dwaine and Debra Bagby to Daniel and Mary Bagby

  • $115,000- 38 Crown Drive- David C. and Sherry Arand to Joshua E. Bierman


  • $158,000- 397 Westview Drive- Michael D. Gerling and Jennifer E. Gerling to Matt Bettory and Michelle Rogers

  • $59,300- 320 North Buchanan Street- Fannie Mae to Mark S. Adams, Diana D. Adams, James A. Velloff, Christine R. Velloff

  • $6,000- 1300 St. Louis Street- M. Allen Arnold to Ryan Peterson

  • $150,000- State Route 143- Mary Ann Cosgrove to Charles D. Williams


  • $14,500- 1704 Meyer Ct.- Philip L. and Mary T. Wickenhauser to Summerfield Gardens Condominium Association

Glen Carbon

  • $128,000- 216 Glenlake Drive- William Purcell and Jenna Purcell to Brent Esker and Kelly McCall

Granite City

  • $160,000- 4149 & 4145 Pontoon Rd.- David L. Presswood and Roberta Presswood to Joseph C. Williams Jr. and Lawrence Douglas Smith

St. Jacob

  • $205,000- 2016 Richview- Benjamin M. Hayden and Stacy A. Hayden to Donald E. Matler and Michelle P. Malter

  • $400,000- 5 Steeplechase Ct.- First Collinsville Bank to Mitchell M. Miller




  • $45,000- 101 Lockley Court- Donald Malter and Michelle Malter to Dallas Interiors INC.

  • $21,000- 424 Quail Run- Raymond Joseph Burke and Patricia Maureen Patrick Burke to Donald Schmerbauch

  • $50,001-708 Merlin Court- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Jason Andrew Mayberry and Nolie Anne Mayberry

  • $172,700- 100 Norwood Court- Dennis M. Price and Jackie S. Price to Brian Birch and Courtney Birch

February 26, 2013


  • $147,000- 313 Hazelwood Drive- Gary I. and Dana R. Hosto to Joseph C. Duffin and Amanda C. Tinnin


  • $28,000- 3203 Alby Street- Ohio Investments LLC to James Brockway

  • $86,900- 1917 Burling Dr.- Paul Yost and Alan Twillman to Ashley Morgan

  • $77,900- 240 Alben St.- Jeffrey R. Saville to William J. Harris

  • $51,900- 1103 Milton Rd.- Pamela Sue Brunnworth and Luther L. Diserens to John H. and Lucinda K. Lowe


  • $34,000- 356 Spencer Street- Judith A. McDaniel to Midwest Superior Contracting INC.

  • $227,500- 139 Patriots Drive- Mark J. Maher and Rachel Maher to Christopher Borror and Michelle Borror


  • $24,000- 240 Saint Louis Road- U.S. Bank to Doug Nichols and Laura Kruta


  • $233,545- 4003 Rock Hill Road- The Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Veterans Affairs

  • $250,000- 302 Willow Creek Drive- Roy R. Mielke and Bethany R. Mielke to Christopher R. Miller and Aisha M. Miller

  • $297,000- 104 Poplar Ct.- Daniel W. Martin and Barbara M. Martin to Jason R. Hasquin and Brooke M. Hasquin


  • $189,000- 4611 Camellia Place- Clintin and Angela Ross to David and Ginger Cates

  • $289,000- 1210 Seasons Drive- Michael P. Keefe to Clintin and Angela Ross

Granite City

  • $66,500- 2517 Iowa Street- Iowa Realty LLC to Richard J. Hettwer and Kathryn A. Hettwer

  • $78,000- 3037 Ash Avenue- Robin Seago to Deonna McIntyre

  • $70,350- 3250 Franklin- Janice F. Holdman to William and Ann Dorris

  • $59,000- 5116 Buena St.- Secretary of Veterans Affairs to HOMEiNVESTORS LLC

  • $176,000- 26 Rebecca Dr.- David G. Mathis to Breann Kelly Chastain


  • $59,000- 109 W. 2nd Street- Charles L. Hanfelder II and Rhonda L. Hanfelder to Derek Rose


  • $64,900- 201 S. Mulberry Street- James P. Mannhard to Cory J. Vosholler

Wood River

  • $20,500- 76 Harnett Avenue- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Troy Watts

  • $112,000- 125 South 7th Street- Reda and Tamera Iskarous to Dustin and Cassandra Ford

  • $73,400- 428 George Street- Carol A. Postlewait and Michael Postlewait to Jamie A. Adams and Thonda Adams


  • $288,000- 7904 Meyer Lane- Kenneth R. Stagner JR. and Denise E. Stagner to Eugene J. Wieseman and Pauline E. Wieseman

February 27, 2013


  • $15,000- 3525 Omega Street- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Craig Galloway

  • $25,000- 1015 Wilkinson Avenue- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Craig Andrew Stoeckel


  • $41,000- 819 Circle Drive- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to James Watters and Deborah Watters


  • $28,400- 102 West Madison Avenue- GCS Credit Union to Bart B. Astrauskas

  • $30,000- 222 South Center Drive- CitiFinancial Services INC. to Kassab Properties LLC

  • $77,000- 504 Western Ave.- Michael Mecalo, John Mecalo, Suzanna Mecalo, Betty Trunnell to Lyndsay Glotfelty

Cottage Hills

  • $18,000- 152 Old Bethalto Rd.- Great Southern Bank to Daniel Asberry


  • $49,370- 5006 Sycamore Drive- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD

  • $885,000- 15 Warwick Park Lane- Michael L. Favre and Linda Sue Favre to Gina Pruitt Nicholson

  • $212,750- 6818 Stoney Creek Dr.- Derek J. Wingle to William Purcell and Jenna Purcell

  • $9,000- 216 Wyandotte Street- Robin McLemore to Eric J. Brown

  • $390,000- 47 Birdie Court- John M. Scime and Maureen Scime to Matthew Foley and Andrea Foley

  • $313,000- 331 East Lake Drive- Lawrence V. Niemann and Janette L. Niemann to Catherine L. Hartnagel and Beverly J. Storey


  • $25,000- Seminole Ln.- Morrissey Family Limited Partnership to Morrissey Construction Company

  • $56,100- 300 Saturn Dr.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Larry E. and Matilda P. Stark

Granite City

  • $67,250- 1850 Spring Avenue- The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Richard Dimock

  • $135,500- 2415 Cleveland Boulevard- Nicholas Petrillo and Cheryl Petrillo to Lori Mitchell

  • $135,000- 2649 Westmoreland Drive- Richard H. Bosch to Jerry Besserman and Tina M. Besserman

  • $10,000- 1359 Edwardsville Road- Christy Lynn Talley to Gerin Enterprises INC.

  • $30,400- 2313 Hodges Avenue- Margaret Rose Dettwiler, Barbara Jean Unfried, John Norvell Decker, Mary Josephine Von Nida to Richard Arthur Koerper and Bertha Mae Koerper

  • $19,000- 3016 Iowa Street- Deutsche Bank to L & S Residential Rentals

  • $32,000- 2412 Meadowlane Drive- Rene Bassett Butler to Dana Ficker

  • $22,500- 2537 Roney Drive- Federal National Mortgage Association to Clifford D. Crispens


  • $84,000- 30 Lake Dr.- Judicial Sales Corp. to Keith and Janis Jensen

Wood River

  • $50,500- 1136 E. Ferguson Ave.- Pamela Skouby, Timothy Deppe, Gregory Deppe to Janet K. Little

February 28, 2013


  • $112,000- 1605 Langdon Street- Robert and Amy Wood to Justin and Amber Hayes

  • $73,000- 1824 Park Avenue- Justin Hayes to Martha Weiss

  • $5,200- 1537 Seiler Road- Drew R. Johnson and Teresa A. Johnson to County of Madison

  • $15,000- 1541 Seiler Road- Drew R. Johnson and Teresa A. Johnson to County of Madison

East Alton

  • $125,000- 205 Kutter Drive- Brian A. Thomas to Devlin Shoppell


  • $262,500- 114 Pleasant Ridge- Benjamin and Elizabeth Vehige to Robert and Carla McCormick

  • $40,000- 210 Hale Avenue- First Bank to C&N Properties LLC


  • $95,000- 6000 S. Winter Lane- Michael A. Sholar to American Tower Management LLC

Granite City

  • $38,000- 4125 Division Street No. 4- Reatha Dufff to Debra Jo Murphy


  • $210,000- Baumann Rd.- David J. Gall and Dale F. Gall to Dustin Gall


  • $83,000- 236 Dorothy St.- Cheryl Cannon to Kenneth and Denise E. Stagner


  • $155,000- 923 Carla Drive- Randy and Cheryl Gower to Jane Groeteka and Merrick Conway

March 1, 2013


  • $210,000- 3503 Castelli Drive- Lawrence and Ruthann Turi to John and Ebony Bolling

  • $10,415- 628 Shepard- Federal National Mortgage Association to Harbour Portfolio VII


  • $85,000- 306 S. Neunaber Drive- Rural Housing Service to Alice Smith

  • $44,000- 444 Spencer Street- Champion Mortgage Company to Darrin Singleton


  • $30,000- 304 Short Street- Betty L. McKay to Kenneth D. Smith

  • $76,800- 725 Osborn- Carl E. Cory Jr. and Rhonda T. Cory to Brian Reulecke

  • $200,000- 118 North Bluff- JCE Properties LLC to Apex Holdings LLC

  • $192,000- 23 Addison- Robert E. Mueller to Chicago Title and Trust

  • $175,000- 23 Addison- Chicago Title and Trust to Andrew Caldieraro


  • $157,000- 3830 & 3836 Boulder Dr.- Black Oak Development LLC to Timothy K. Gaskill and Rebecca L. Gaskill

  • $616,500- 111 Dunleigh Park Lane- Dan Lampe and Christine Lampe to Chicago Title Land Trust Company

  • $559,000- 111 Dunleigh Park Lane- Chicago Title Land Trust Company to Idrees Muhammad

  • $125,883- 308 Charles Street- Timothy E. Swain to John D. Wendler


  • $62,002- 5209 Pine Ridge Drive- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD

Granite City

  • $50,000- 5429 Maryville Road- Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Mehmet Dinceroglu


  • $230,000- 155 North Porte Drive- Nathan C. Ballard and Amanda R. Ballard to James A. Zimmerman and Kimberlee A. Zimmerman

  • $219,500- 280 Baneberry Drive- Feldman Homes INC. to Gail Braundmeier


  • $141,000- 808 Rolling Meadows Dr.- Cass Cole Davis and Caree Lee Davis to Traci Swanson

  • $35,000- 2036 Briarbend Ct.- Remington Place LLC to Lerch Homes INC.


  • $47,500- Black Rail Dr.- Ricky W. Gray to Allison Stovall


  • $12,500- 516 Lone Robin- Kevin Farless to Wait Land Trust

  • $30,000- 8121 Bledsaw Ln.- Wells Fargo Bank to Robert S. Althardt and Jacqueline M. Althardt

Wood River

  • $13,074- 43W Beach Ave.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Harbour Portfolio VII

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