Troy resident Keith Melton said he would be appealing a decision made by Madison County Associate Judge Clarence Harrison that denies him the opportunity to run for Jarvis Township Supervisor in the April 9 consolidated election.

Harrison on Feb. 5 ruled in favor of Alan Dunstan – who holds dual roles as Jarvis Township Supervisor and Madison County Board Chairman – by rejecting Melton’s petition to have his nomination reinstated.

Melton sued on Jan. 14 seeking to overturn a Jan. 7 decision by a panel of Jarvis Township officials that favored Dunstan by knocking Melton off the ballot. Dunstan had challenged Melton’s nomination, saying he failed to file a receipt with the clerk of Jarvis Township that proved he filed a statement of economic interest with the clerk of Madison County, which thereby invalidated his nomination.

Dunstan is seeking his ninth consecutive four-year term as Jarvis Township Supervisor.

Melton, who is represented by Alton attorney John Simmons, had argued that his nomination papers “substantially” complied with election laws and that his failure to file the receipt with the Jarvis Township clerk was “inadvertent and unintentional.”

On Wednesday, Melton said he plans to exhaust all legal remedies to overturn Harrison's decision.

Dunstan, represented by Collinsville attorney Richard Cain, argued that a Fifth District Appellate Court opinion decision in Powell v. East St. Louis Electoral Board held that substantial compliance is not sufficient compliance and that a “petitioner must follow the requirements of the act.”


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