Madison County Circuit Judge Andreas Matoesian on Jan. 18 dismissed a Collinsville man’s case against his former employer, Alton & Southern Railway Co.

During Thomas Cooper’s 40-year career for Alton & Southern Railway, he claimed he sustained injuries to his right shoulder, arm, elbow, hand and back.

Cooper filed suit Nov. 5, 2010, saying he was exposed to cumulative, repetitive trauma during his career with the railway, starting in 1968.

Plaintiff’s attorney John Papa and Alton & Southern attorney Harlan Harla signed a stipulation of dismissal on Jan. 18.

Matoesian’s order states that “all costs have been paid.” The case was dismissed with prejudice.

Cooper claimed he suffered injuries and pain, lost money and experienced an impaired earning capacity, according to the complaint. In addition, he spent more than $75,000 in medical costs, the suit states.

He blamed Alton & Southern Railway for causing his injuries.

Alton & Southern Railway Co. answered the allegations, stating that Cooper contributed to his own alleged injuries and failed to mitigate damages.

John T. Papa of Callis, Papa, Hale, Szewczyk and Danzinger in Granite City represented the plaintiff.

Thomas Jones and Harlan Harla of Thompson Coburn in Belleville represented Alton & Southern Railway.

Madison County Circuit Court case number: 10-L-1129

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