Applications for an associate judge position in Madison County - left vacant as a result of last month's election - are being accepted through 5 p.m. on Jan. 7

Applicants must submit two original applications on the prescribed application form to the Director of the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts. Any U.S. citizen licensed to practice in Illinois, and who is a resident of the Third Judicial Circuit, may submit their name for consideration.

Those interested may obtain forms from either the office of chief judge at the Madison County Courthouse, the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts or from the Supreme Court’s website:

Applications may not be submitted electronically or by fax.

The 16-page questionnaire asks for details on a wide range of topics including professional background - such as jury trial experience and appellate practice.

It asks whether the prospective jurist has been a party to any litigation - other than as counsel, and whether there are any problems with tax returns.

At the end of the form, subjects must sign a waiver authorizing the release of personal information.

"I do hereby authorize a review of, and full disclosure of, all records concerning myself to any duly authorized agent of the Illinois State Police, whether the said records are of a public, private, or confidential nature. I understand that any information obtained by a personal history background investigation which is developed directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, upon this release and authorization will be considered in determining my suitability for appointment as associate judge," the form states.

"I also certify that any person(s) who may furnish such information concerning me shall not be held accountable for giving this information; and I do hereby release said person(s) from any and all liability which may be incurred as a result of furnishing such information. I further release the Illinois State Police from any and all liability which may be incurred as a result of collecting such information. A photocopy of this form will be as valid as an original thereof, even though said photocopy does not contain an original writing of my signature."

The Madison County vacancy was created following the election of Kyle Napp to the position of circuit judge on Nov. 6. Prior to the election, Napp had served as an associate judge for five years.

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