To The Editor:

On April 3, 2012 members of the Caseyville Police Department made a complaint to the Caseyville Village Board and its appointed police commissioners about Police Chief Jerry D. Roth. The complaint alleged, in detail, a number of legal, moral and ethical transgressions. The officers also conveyed their second no-confidence vote against Roth in as many years.

While I believe in the presumption of innocence, the details provided by officers demand an investigation. I will further say that Roth should have immediately been put on administrative leave until the allegations could be looked into. Since April, the Village Board or police commissioners have refused to acknowledge or investigate these alleged transgressions. As a police chief in a small community, Roth has refused comment.

Chief Roth has had more than ample time to publicly refute what has been alleged by police officers and has not. I have addressed the Village Board on a few occasions in this concern, only to be ignored. I find that Mayor George Chance, the Village Board and its appointed board of commissioners are negligent in ensuring the integrity of its police department, thus the safety of its citizenry.

The only trustee who called for an investigation was Rick Casey Jr. and he is only one vote. The dire situation in Caseyville demands the attention of both state and federal prosecutors. It seems prosecutors always have abundant resources in East St. Louis and elsewhere below 157, but tend to overlook things in Caseyville. I am in earnest when I say I hope that changes very, very soon.

Brad VanHoose


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