Recently elected Madison County Circuit Judge Kyle Napp thanked her colleagues on the Third Circuit bench after being sworn into office on Monday.

“I would like to say thanks to the nine circuit judges who gave me a chance,” she said. “Thank you for the most incredible opportunity of my lifetime.”

Napp was sworn-in before hundreds of witnesses, including her family, inside a third floor courtroom.

“I’m really proud to take the bench with eight other circuit judges,” she said.

She also thanked a “multitude of attorneys from the Simmons firm for their support," as well as the "labor community."

“I was really proud to run as a Democrat for judge,” she added.

Throughout the campaign, Napp described herself as a “woman on the edge” who was proud to have the support of local attorneys.

“To be able to become a judge was a gift,” she said.

Prior to being elected, Napp served as associate judge in the court's Felony Division. Before being appointed associate judge in 2007, she served as an assistant state's attorney in Madison County.

She lives in Godfrey with her husband, Allan, and their three children.

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