Will you be glad when the election is over?

By Christina Stueve Hodges | Nov 1, 2012

Gary Johnson

The Record asked folks near the courthouse on Thursday: Will you be glad when the election is over? Here's what some had to say:

Gary Johnson, 44, of Glen Carbon:

“Yes. No more TV commercials. I think it takes time for things to change, and people are in a hurry. Give the people who are in office a chance. It takes more than four years to change a lot of problems.”

Annette Dondanville, Edwardsville:

“Yes. All of those stupid ads on the TV. All those negative ads are ridiculous. I already knew who I wanted to vote for.”

Jane Sorgea, 51, Collinsville:

"Yes. I’m tired of seeing the trash slum back and forth. It doesn’t take just one person to change the laws. It takes all of Illinois. It’s not just one person. I’m talking about all of the politicians. They keep saying ‘I’m going to do this.’  How are you going to possibly change anything if you don’t have the backing of Illinois? Just because you got clout doesn’t mean squat. If you don’t vote, keep your mouth shut.”

Janette Minner, Edwardsville:

“Yes, I’ll be glad to get it over with. People should treat the offices with respect.”

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