Some Cardinal fans were happy to see the San Francisco Giants win the World Series. Our team may not have gone all the way, but at least they lost to the eventual victors.

It’s still hard to believe that the Redbirds blew a 3-1 lead in the National League Championship Series, but it wasn’t really their fault.

You see, it wasn’t that the Cards didn’t play well enough, or that the Giants played better. The umpires are the ones to blame. They’re the ones who called the strikes and the outs. They called more against the Cardinals than they did against the Giants, and that’s why the Cardinals lost.

We know nobody’s going to buy that argument: not even the most committed Cards fan. Calling strikes and outs is what umpires are supposed to do. It’s their job.

We may not like to see our team lose, but, as long as umpires act impartially, we accept their decisions. It’s the only civilized thing to do.

Judy Cates doesn’t like that simple logic.

We don’t know what she thinks of umpires, but we do know she blames judges for making decisions they’re supposed to make.

As the Democratic candidate for a seat on the Fifth District Appellate Court, Cates is running a television commercial castigating her opponent, St. Clair County Circuit Judge Stephen McGlynn, for signing foreclosure orders.

Losing a home is a tragedy for anyone, but, when a homeowner can no longer maintain mortgage payments, the mortgage holder has to foreclose, and a judge has to sign the necessary order. That’s part of a judge’s job, like it or not.

Why doesn’t wannabe-judge Judy reach out to struggling homeowners and help them save their homes? No, she prefers to use her campaign boodle to support cheapshot, misleading attack ads. Much of that money donated to her campaign comes from plaintiffs attorneys in and out of state who hope to win big settlements in a Cates court.

Of course, to reach out, she’d have to care about the persons whose misfortune she’s exploiting for political advantage.

Give it some thought as you enter the voting booth.

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