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By The Madison County Record | Oct 31, 2012

To the Editor:

To the Editor:

            Marxist-type class warfare has come to Southern Illinois thanks to Bill Enyart and the Democrat Congressional Committee. Enyart’s demeaning and childish TV commercials appeal to the worst in human nature- envy.  Enyart seeks to divide us into two mythical Groups: (A) the wealthy, who stole their riches from (B) the downtrodden, who have no upward mobility because of evil Group A.  This is pure Marxist ideology and well, hogwash.

            Bob Plummer and his wonderful family, including his son, Republican Congressional Candidate Jason Plummer, go to my Church, First Baptist of Maryville.  Bob probably built half the Church on his own and with his own money, but he never mentions it to anyone.  And have you ever been to an RP Lumber Company?  They are the friendliest and most helpful and accommodating people you would ever find running a business.  RP’s customer service is undoubtedly because of its founder, who imbued his employees with his own sense of service and Christian charity.

            The Enyart campaign is out of ideas, as is the Democratic Party of Obama and Pelosi: Unemployment at least 7.8% (Obama is cooking the books but the stew still tastes bad); Obamacare is the ruination of our health system and individual freedom; nearly twice as many people on food stamps as when Obama took office; $16 TRILLION in debt and rising.   Expensive and divisive TV ads won’t get us out of the mess Obama and Pelosi have either created or made worse (depending on your point of view).

            I know Jason Plummer and believe he is the right man for Congress in 2012.  Jason Plummer is a job creator and successful businessman.  He will serve us well in Congress.  Won’t raise taxes, rather leave the Bush tax rates in place to create jobs, grow the economy and reduce the debt; repeal and replace Obamacare; stop apologizing for America and restore her respect overseas; make terrorists tremble at the thought of the United States, not plot the murder of our ambassador.

            We don’t need Enyart’s worn-out class warfare.  We need job creators.  We need Jason Plummer in Congress.

Don Weber


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