To the Editor:

In an article that appeared in the Collinsville Herald on Oct. 17, Judge Barbara Crowder stated, "My legal ability is not disputed."

May I humbly ask - If Crowder's legal ability is not disputed then why did the chief judge remove her from asbestos docket citing "the public's concern for a fair and unbiased judiciary?"

The Judicial Code of Conduct states a judge's behavior should appear above reproach. Crowder's didn't. That Crowder remains on the bench remains a political absurdity. Ed Murnane, of the Illinois Civil Justice league stated, "Voters...would be unwise not to vote no on Judge Crowder."

Judge Knight recently stated, "The attorneys who work with us every day recommend we should be retained." Small wonder, since lawyers gave huge donations in 2006 to elect them. From the outside looking in, Knight's statement reveals a mutual admiration society run by the legal profession's power elite. Given the power of the judges' incumbency and monetary support law firms provide the only remaining check on our judges is the people.

I observe Americans show patience with leaders but will at last rise up and correct politicians that don't serve them. This is such a time. In November I hope voters send a big message to special interests that profit at voters expense.

Voters speak with the force of law at the ballot box - vote No on Callis, Crowder, Hylla and Knight.

Philip W. Chapman

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