"The New World of Educator Evaluations," a live studio Webcast presented by the Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA), will be held from noon to 2 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 9.

The Webcast will provide a comprehensive overview that explores the background and political reasoning behind the changes to the Educator Evaluation procedures as mandated by Senate Bill 7. Topics include:

- The historical background leading to the changes found in Senate Bill 7;

- The educator evaluation process and applicable timelines;

- The duties and responsibilities of the required joint committees;

- The legal process as required under the new Public Act; and

- How to best advise school administrators and staff regarding personnel decisions resulting from educator evaluations.

The program qualifies for two credit hours based on a 60 minute MCLE (Minimum Continuing Legal Education) credit hour, and is sponsored by the ISBA Education Law Section.

Cost for the online course is $60 for ISBA members and non-lawyers and $100 for non-members.

Registration is available online only through the ISBA FastCLE store at
http://isba.fastcle.com/store/seminar/seminar.php?seminar=12904. For more information, log onto the ISBA web site at www.isba.org or call toll free 1-800-252-8908.

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