A man claims he sustained brain and heart injuries after a doctor failed to properly treat his pneumonia.

Leonard Reaka filed a lawsuit June 15 in Madison County Circuit Court against Dr. Trent McDaniel, Dr. Oscar Florendo, HSHS Medical Group, Highland Priority Care and Osbec Medical of Southern Illinois.

In his complaint, Reaka alleges he was experiencing a cough, body aching and sharp chest pain when he went to see McDaniel at Highland Priority Care on June 18, 2010, for treatment. During Reaka's visit, McDaniel ordered a chest x-ray, which revealed signs of pneumonia, according to the complaint.

Despite the revelations of the x-ray, McDaniel released Reaka to his home and prescribed him antibiotics, the suit states.

Still, Reaka continued to experience a fever and chest pain, so he sought treatment from Florendo at Osbec Medical of Southern Illinois on June 21, 2010, the complaint says. Florendo prescribed Reaka a different antibiotic, then sent him home, Reaka claims.

Reaka's symptoms continued to worsen and he revisited Florendo on July 6, 2010, according to the complaint. Despite Reaka's diminishing symptoms, Florendo refilled the same antibiotic, the suit states.

Because of McDaniel's and Florendo's lack of treatment, Reaka's pneumonia developed into septic emboli, which can cause strokes, and staph sensitive endocarditis, which is an infection in the heart valves, the complaint says.

In addition to his brain and heart injuries, Reaka claims he suffered liver, kidney and spleen injuries; suffered severe pain; and lost wages. He also endured a permanently impaired earning capacity, incurred significant medical costs, became disabled and lost his normal enjoyment of life, according to the complaint.

Reaka blames McDaniels and Florendo for contributing to his injuries, saying the doctor negligently failed to adequately diagnose him, failed to conduct a thorough physical investigation, failed to admit him into the hospital for further observation, failed to obtain blood cultures, failed to conduct necessary testing and failed to follow up with him, among other negligent acts.

In his complaint, Reaka seeks a judgment of more than $200,000, plus costs and other relief the court deems just.

John T. Papa of Callis, Papa, Hale and Szewczyk in Granite City will be representing him.

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