You can play Jenga by yourself or with friends. It's fun for all ages.

You start with a tower of small wooden blocks, several levels high, and take turns removing blocks from the lower levels and stacking them on the top. As play proceeds, the tower becomes increasingly unwieldy and, eventually, some unlucky person removes the wrong block and the whole tower comes crashing down.

Talk about entertainment!

The game costs about ten dollars and is available at Kmart, Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, and other retail outlets.

Of course, if you're frugal, you can always improvise and play the game with household items, assuming you have enough of them.
A tower of matchboxes, DVDs, or sardine cans would probably do the trick.

Or, just drive to the nearest supermarket or drug store and play for free on the premises.

They may not carry Jenga, but they will have towers of merchandise stacked high on the shelves and at the ends of most aisles. Find the most appealing tower and start the game.

We don't know if Kathleen Aubrey initiated the game at the Nameoki Road Walgreens in Granite City in November 2010, or if she merely joined a game in progress, but we do know that a Jenga-like tower was composed of Jell-O gelatin boxes and that Aubrey lost the game when the tower came tumbling down on her.

She says she didn't really lose because it wasn't her fault and she wasn't even playing the game. She merely reached for a box of Jell-O cheesecake mix and another stack of Jell-O boxes fell from a higher shelf.

Aubrey claims the falling Jell-O boxes hit her in the face, aggravating a previous injury to her nose. She filed suit against Walgreens in Madison County Circuit Court last month, accusing the store of negligence and seeking $50,000 in damages.

If she wins, Aubrey can buy 5,000 Jengas and learn ways to avoid falling towers.

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