Tribute to Melucci

By The Madison County Record | May 24, 2012

To the Editor:

To the Editor:

We have been with Matt Melucci from day one over 20 years ago.
Matt was different – he was friendly and honest. No fake in him. He has been the same from day one.

H e was a great friend of the people of Venice, Ill. and the New Shining Light Church. He really cared for the hungry and poor people in the area. He did not wait until every four years like most politicians do – coming around when voting time in order to get re-elected.

Not Matt – he came down every year to help feed the hungry he served. He gave in everything we did to support our church and community. Matt supported our school supply give-away, Thanksgiving Day dinner and restocking our food pantry.

Anything to help New Shining Light Outreach to help the people of Venice - he was there every time. We did not know that when we gave him a Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Award in January that he would so soon be leaving us.

He was a true friend.

Whenever I used to greet Matt with a hello I would say, Ciao. And now it is time to say, Arrivederci.

Bishop John Henry Williams
Feed the Hungry Ministry

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