Madison County Circuit Judge Andreas Matoesian on Wednesday reset a case management conference until April in a Collinsville man's case against his former employer, Alton and Southern Railway.

During Thomas Cooper's 40-year career for Alton and Southern Railway, he claims to have sustained severe injuries to his right shoulder, arm, elbow, hand and back.

Cooper filed suit Nov. 5, 2010. He allegedly was exposed to cumulative, repetitive trauma throughout his career with the railway, starting in 1968.

He brings the action pursuant to the Federal Employers' Liability Act.

Because of his exposure, Cooper claims he suffered injuries and pain, lost money and experienced an impaired earning capacity, according to the complaint. In addition, he spent more than $75,000 in medical costs, the suit states.

He blames Alton and Southern Railway for causing his injuries, saying it failed to provide him a safe place to work, failed to provide him with proper tools, created a hazardous condition on its premises and failed to carry out safe customs.

Alton & Southern Railway Company answered the allegations, stating that Cooper contributed to his own alleged injuries and failed to mitigate damages.

Cooper seeks a judgment of more than $75,000.

John T. Papa of Callis, Papa, Hale, Szewczyk and Danzinger in Granite City represent him.

Donald Dahlmann represents the defense.

Madison County Circuit Court case number: 10-L-1129.

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