To the Editor:

It is unconscionable that Governor Quinn and lawmakers in Springfield would award themselves thousands of dollars in pay raises when our state is drowning in debt and deficits.

Governor Quinn took a week's pay from every household in Illinois when he raised income taxes by 67 percent. Now, he wants a pay raise. It's time to say, enough is enough.

The Governor said his proposed budget – a budget that spends $550 million more than last year's budget and does nothing to address our $8.5 billion backlog of unpaid bills – requires a "Rendezvous with Reality." If pay hikes for elected officials are Quinn's idea of a "Rendezvous with Reality," then I refuse to accept it.

I call on my opponent, Senator Bill Haine, and all legislators in the General Assembly – both Republicans and Democrats alike – to reject the pay hikes in the Governor's proposed budget. Legislators must lead by example by refusing to support pay raises in these austere budget times.

Mike Babcock
Republican candidate for State Senate
56th District

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