SPRINGFIELD - All candidates for Illinois judicial offices in the March 20 primary election have been rated by Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA) evaluation committees, or in a poll conducted by ISBA.

In counties outside Cook, an advisory poll is conducted by mail and sent to all ISBA members in the circuit or district from which a candidate seeks election. Licensed lawyers who are not members of ISBA may request a ballot.

"Through these polls and evaluations, voters are provided the opportunity and responsibility of selecting qualified individuals to serve as judges to assure effective administration of our system of justice," said ISBA President John G. Locallo of Chicago.

"I encourage voters to consider these poll results when deciding how to vote on March 20."

In Cook County, an ISBA Judicial Evaluations committee used the results of a questionnaire and interviews to rate candidates for all judicial offices.

Candidates for the appellate court outside Cook County were also evaluated using this process.

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