To the Editor:

As a candidate for Madison County State's Attorney, I feel compelled to express my strong disagreement with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's recent proposal to require the statewide registration of handguns.

This proposal is but the latest attempt by Chicago to impose its firearm restrictions and values on downstate Illinois.

As usual with gun control laws, the mandatory registration of handguns would only affect the law abiding citizens of Illinois rather than the criminals the legislation is meant to deter.

The proposed law is unlikely to reduce crime and, instead, likely violates an individual's constitutional right to bear arms. How many criminals are likely to register handguns they intend to use in the commission of a crime?

Once again, Chicago politicians are seeking to punish all of Illinois because they cannot curtail violent crime within their own city limits.

To impose registration fees and make potential felons out of otherwise law abiding citizens is a disservice to the people of Illinois and I oppose it.

As State's Attorney it will be my duty to protect Madison County families, but not at the expense of their right to bear arms or good common sense.

Amy Sholar
Candidate for State's Attorney

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