Alton woman receives more than $46,000 for injuries sustained in 2010 car wreck

By Christina Stueve | Jan 18, 2012


Jurors in Madison County Circuit Judge William Mudge's courtroom on Tuesday awarded an Alton woman more than $46,000 in damages following a brief trial over a 2010 car wreck.

Maxine Hughes, 63, was southbound on Alby Street on Feb. 22, 2010 near the intersection of 20th street in Alton when defendant Stephen Einsel pulled his 2004 Dodge Neon into the intersection and struck Hughes' 2001 Pontiac Grand Am.

"He darted out in front of me and sped up," Hughes said during questioning from her attorney, Michael Glisson.

Hughes, an administrative assistant for Alton Middle School, was driving about 25 miles per hour when Einsel struck her vehicle, according to testimony.

Hughes' claimed injuries to her left knee, left thigh, left hip, left hand, back and other areas of her body.

Defense attorney Paul Travois told jurors "this is a case about damages."

Einsel alleged in his answer to Hughes' original complaint that Hughes failed to keep her vehicle under control. She failed to watch for other cars, failed to stop her car in time to avoid colliding with the Einsel's vehicle, failed to reduce speed and drove too fast for conditions.

"It was a pretty severe impact. You're here to see what she's entitled to," said Glisson.

Hughes sought damages of less than $50,000 for her injuries. She received a total of $46,978.

Arguments started and ended Tuesday afternoon.

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