A defendant in a breach of contract lawsuit denies allegations made against him involving an Edwardsville frozen yogurt business.

Robert Hollingsworth, Twist Froyo Cafes and the Eventline.com were sued in Madison County Circuit Court last year by Edwin Chuck Twesten.

Twesten has alleged, among other things, that Hollingsworth had failed to make available records of the business that Twesten claimed they each held 50 percent interest. Twesten also claimed that Hollingsworth failed to acknowledge that he was an actual shareholder of the business.

In an answer to the complaint filed in January of this year, Hollingsworth denies Twesten's claims.

In an email to the Record, Hollingsworth wrote that Twesten either had possession of documents he demanded in his lawsuit, knew many did not exist, or was offered access to all records at the offices of Twist Froyo.

Hollingsworth has also filed a claim against Twesten seeking payment, fees and costs of a $20,000 personal loan to Twesten.

John W. McCracken of Edwardsville represents Twesten.

Timothy Stubblefield of Swansea represents Hollingsworth.

Associate Judge Clarence Harrison presides.

The underlying lawsuit is Madison County Circuit Court case number: 10-L-1014.

Hollingsworth's claim against Twesten is Madison County Circuit Court case number: 11-AR-539.

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