Wild Country bouncer rams man's head into railing, suit claims

By Kelly Holleran | Oct 13, 2011


A Collinsville night club is accused of negligence after a bouncer allegedly rammed a man's head into a railing and threw him to the ground.

David Harris filed the lawsuit Oct. 4 in Madison County Circuit Court against Wild Inc., doing business as Wild Country.

Harris says he was at the night club on Gateway Drive in October 2009. While playing a game of foosball with friends, Harris says a fight broke out at a nearby pool table. The people involved in the physical altercation allegedly moved into the foosball area, with two of them grappling on the floor.

According to the complaint, Harris reached for the shoulder on one of the men in an attempt to stop him from punching the man pinned to the floor. As Harris reached down, he says another person jumped on him and knocked him to the floor.

Harris contends he fought with the man a short time on the floor before standing back up. He says that is when he was hit from behind, thrusting his body forward.

Harris says the force of the blow caused his head to hit a railing, his shoulder to hit the edge of a step and his face to hit the carpet. Harris says the man who rammed into him was an employee of Wild Country working as a bouncer. The man allegedly apologized to Harris for the hit.

Harris contends the night club and its employees had a duty to protect customers but says they failed to do that. He says there was not an adequate level of security or a proper response from the employees who were on duty.

Harris is asking to be paid more than $50,000 in damages for his injuries, medical treatment for the injuries and the serious pain he allegedly suffered as a result.

Attorney James E. Gorman of Lucco, Brown, Threlkeld & Dawson in Edwardsville is representing Harris.

Madison County Circuit Case No. 11-L-1013

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