A St. Clair County man says he was left facial deformities and permanent physical injuries after slipping on stairs at a Fairview Heights restaurant.

Phillip Jameson filed a lawsuit Aug. 4 in St. Clair County Circuit Court against Preferred Pasta Inc., doing business as The Pasta House Company. Jameson argues owners of the restaurant are liable for damage done during the alleged fall.

Jameson says he was at The Pasta House Company on North Illinois Street in August 2009 to celebrate his wife's retirement with about 100 other guests. During dinner, Jameson says he left the table to use the restroom.

The man says he had to walk down the steps to reach the hallway leading to the restroom. As he began to descend the stairs, Jameson says he failed to see liquid that had allegedly been spilled on the bare floor.

According to the lawsuit, Jameson slipped on a wet step, tried to correct his balance and "was propelled face first down the stairs" where he hit a wooden shelf holding glassware and full water pitchers. The man says he hit the shelf with his face, causing severe lacerations and fractures to several bones in his face. He then allegedly fell to the ground, breaking his wrist.

After the fall, Jameson says restaurant staff placed signs around the area warning of the wet floor.

Jameson says he was seriously injured in the fall and continues to suffer. He says the cuts to his face required multiple stitches which left scarring. He says his facial bone structure has been permanently damaged, including a crooked nose.

The man says he was in significant physical pain for months following the fall but claims the emotional distress and financial damage of his injuries continues today.

Jameson says The Pasta House Company and its employees knew the steps were wet and posed a danger to diners. He says they were negligent for failing to keep the stairs and floor dry and for failing to warn customers about the danger. Jameson is asking to be awarded more than $50,000 in damages along with court costs.

Attorney Steven E. Kellogg of Belleville is representing Jameson. They request a jury trial.

St. Clair County case number 11-L-440

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