Carol Dodd files to amend divorce settlement

By Amelia Flood | Jul 11, 2011


The woman whose divorce from her husband of more than 20 years sparked a lawsuit with allegations of neglect after a fall in the bathtub and swiped retirement savings is moving to amend her divorce's settlement.

Carol Dodd moved July 6 for the reconsideration of the judgment entered in her 2007 divorce from her then-husband Thomas Dodd.

Thomas Dodd sued his now ex-wife along with Ameren Services Company, and Granite City Steel Federal Credit Union in 2008.

In his civil suit, Thomas Dodd alleged that his wife left him for days without food, water, or help when he fell in the bathroom of the couple's home.

He then alleged that she forged his signature to empty his Ameren retirement accounts and then forged it again to set up an account with the money at the Granite City credit union in her name and that of her sister.

Ameren and the credit union then filed claims for contribution against Carol Dodd in the civil suit.

The civil suit ended for all intents and purposes in February with a settlement of the Dodds' assets. The file, however, is still technically open in the Madison County courts records system.

The settlement was reached during mediation in January with mediator Michael Constance.

Under the settlement, Thomas Dodd was to receive the more than $180,000 from the retirement accounts and $10,000 in emotional distress damages.

The Dodds were to split their remaining assets with each party taking half.

The settlement also ended the suit for Ameren and the credit union.

Mudge approved the settlement Feb.4.

However, implementation of the end of the suit was held up by Carol Dodd's refusal to hand over financial documents.

Mudge eventually ordered her to turn over the documents to Thomas Dodd's attorney,
Thomas Burkart, in an order dated Feb. 16.

That order is the last action listed in the civil suit.

The Dodd's divorce judgment was entered May 4.

Carol Dodd received $394,961.80 under the judgment including a property in Granite City, a motor home, and a 2007 Buick.

Thomas Dodd took away $404,961.79 including checking and money market accounts.

In the July 6 filing, Carol Dodd contends that the breakdown of the couple's assets in the divorce case does not reflect their actual value.

The motor home, for example, she claims, has been sold and is not part of her portion of the divorce estate.

She also claims the breakdown of assets does not include $32,270.30 held at the Granite City credit union and that she is entitled to one sixth of the value of a farm house and 19 acres in Dover, Tenn.

"Failure to list these assets at there [sic] accurate value and failure to list these assets as part of the marital estate cause the division proposed and reflected in the judgment to be inequitable to the parties," the motion reads.

Carol Dodd asks that the court amend the judgment.

The case's docket sheet indicates that the case file was sent up to the court a day after the motion to reconsider was filed.

Madison County Associate Judge Steve Stobbs oversaw the couple's divorce.

Burkart represents Thomas Dodd in both the divorce and civil suit.

Alexander Wilson represents Carol Dodd in both matters.

James Craney represented the credit union in the civil suit.

Gary Meadows represents Ameren.

The Dodd divorce is Madison case number 07-D-436.

The resulting civil suit filed by Thomas Dodd is Madison case number 08-L-606.

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