Von Nida

The public has a new way to find out what went on at a meeting of the Madison County Board and committee meetings.

Madison County Clerk Mark Von Nida announced Wednesday that audio recordings of county board meetings will now be available online to the public through the county Web site.

A new county board calendar and posted agendas and minutes of past meetings will also be available.

"This is an example of using technology to promote the spirit of the Open Meetings Act," Von Nida said in the press release announcing the changes.

The first meeting available in the new format is the May 28 meeting of the Government Affairs Committee dealing with the redistricting of county board seats.

All future meetings of county board committees and the full board will be available in the
new format, the release states.

Meetings that do not take place at the County Administration Building in Edwardsville will not be available as yet, although there are plans to include them at a later date.

For more information, visit the Madison County Web site, http://www.co.madison.il.us .

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