A father suing his children over access to his Granite City pool business has amended his complaint while his children want $20,000 in bond should their father take possession of a disputed phone number.

Plaintiff Edward Perigen Sr. is suing his children, Edward Perigen Jr. and Yvette Cotter seeking the return of access to his pool business and an order vacating the conveyance of property that he claims to have given away under duress.

His son and daughter in turn want the $20,000 as bond in the case that their father takes over a telephone number that the court ordered them to turn over.

The defendants deny their father's claims.

Edward Perigen Sr. filed his amended complaint in the case April 14.

In that complaint, the plaintiff outlines the dispute around his pool business and a tavern owned by the Perigen family that occurred in 2009.

That same year, the plaintiff decided to spend time in Arizona.

His children, he claims, agreed to operate his pool business including paying its bills.

They were also to pay their father $6,000 a month and to make $1,100 mortgage payments.

They eventually began paying only $800 a week to the plaintiff. The amount continued to decrease and became inconsistent.

Meanwhile, Edward Perigen Jr. incorporated himself and held himself out to be the sole owner of Perigen's Tavern in Granite City.

His father claims he tried to contact his children about the inconsistent payments because they were causing him financial hardship.

Eventually, he turned over the bar to his son without financial compensation.

Edward Perigen Sr. claims he signed a quit claim deed for the property in March 2010 and later also transferred the pool business to his children and other land to his third child.

The plaintiff claims he did not receive financial compensation for doing so and that all payments from his children have ceased.

He claims his son threatened him and that his children exerted undue influence upon him in the real estate and business transfers.

The defendants have yet to answer the amended complaint.

Madison County Circuit Judge David Hylla had helmed the case.

He bowed out and Madison County Circuit Judge Andreas Matoesian took it over.

Misty Wuebbels represents the plaintiff.

Christopher Threlkeld represents the defendants.

The case is Madison case number 11-L-150.

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