America's Funniest Lame Lawsuits

By The Madison County Record | Apr 10, 2011

First there was America's Funniest Home Videos, hosted by Bob Saget and, currently, Tom Bergeron. Perhaps now is the time to consider America's Funniest Lame Lawsuits, hosted by Illinois' own Bob Perica.

You can't help laughing when you see some of the suits that Perica comes up with. These are real lawsuits with real plaintiffs, and Perica himself serving as plaintiff's attorney – but, boy, they can be funny!

Consider "Socked by the Soccer Team," Perica's prosecution of a suit against a boys' soccer team and coach, plus the Granite City Community Unit School District #9 and the city's park district, on behalf of a woman who claimed to have been trampled by the boys while walking in Wilson Park.

Then there's "Mattress Mayhem," featuring a Prairietown resident who mauls several mattresses and expected to get new ones for free, with the help of Bob Perica and a lawsuit against Sealy Mattress Company. Don't ask what happened to those mattresses. This is a family program.

But the clips could get funnier and funnier. There's "Ink Tag, You're It" where Perica files suit on behalf of a woman who claims injury at a J.C. Penney store at the Alton Square Mall when she fell after stepping on an ink tag (a theft-prevention device for clothing).

Maybe you have a lame lawsuit of your own you'd like to file? Maybe you'd like to see your lawsuit featured on an upcoming episode of America's Funniest Lame Lawsuits? Why not contact Bob Perica, and pitch your idea?

If he likes your idea -- and the odds are in your favor -- he'll file your lawsuit at absolutely no cost to you. He doesn't get paid unless he wins your suit, and that gives him extra incentive to fight for you. And if he wins, you might benefit as well. If nothing else, a fresh contribution will have been made to America's Funniest Lame Lawsuits.

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