Case management order entered in bar owner's dispute with former attorney

By Amelia Flood | Mar 31, 2011

The course is set in bar owner Gary Lutman's suit against his former attorney, John Leskera, over Leskera's alleged mishandling of legal matters including a suit against the Village of Maryville and its police department.

Madison County Circuit Judge Andreas Matoesian entered a case management order in the 2011 suit on March 30.

Lutman is suing Leskera for damages in excess of $ 50,000 and other relief.

The 2011 suit ties into earlier legal disputes between Lutman, his ex-wife Sherry Lutman, and his former business partners.

Those disputes resulted in a lawsuit.

Eventually, the dispute escalated and Lutman was arrested on trespassing charges in 2006.

The charges were dropped.

Lutman then sued the Village of Maryville and its police department for allegedy arresting him without proof and on his ex-wife's word.

Leskera was his attorney in the 2009 suit against Maryville.

That suit was dismissed last year by Madison County Chief Judge Ann Callis on the basis that the statute of limitations had run out on Lutman's claims.

Lutman claims Leskera botched the 2009 suit and an earlier suit related to Lutman's business disputes.

According to the March 30 case management orders the parties have until July 15 to complete discovery.

They are to retain expert witnesses by February 2012.

A June 12, 2012 trial is set.

Roy Dripps represents Lutman.

Al Pranaitis represents Leskera.

The case is Madison case number 11-L-031.

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