A St. Clair County man is asking for more than $200,000 after allegedly being hit with a dumbbell during an argument between a man and his estranged wife.

Dwight Kossman filed a lawsuit Feb. 18 in St. Clair County Circuit Court against Kevin L. Adams.

According to the complaint, Kossman was visiting the home of his girlfriend's sister, Heather, in Belleville in February 2009. During the night, Kossman says he heard Heather arguing with her estranged husband, Adams.

Kossman claims when he tried to calm the situation Adams punched him in the face. Adams then allegedly picked up a 40-pound dumbbell and tried to hit Kossman with it.

When Kossman missed, he allegedly hit Heather on the head with the weight. As he tried to help Heather, Kossman says, Adams hit him from behind with the dumbbell, allegedly causing several head injuries.

Kossman accuses Adams of battery and negligence for using a 40-pound weight to assault him. He is asking for at least $200,000 in damages for his injuries and court fees.

Attorney Jim Ellis of Belleville is representing Kossman.

St. Clair County Circuit Court case No. 11-L-86

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