Dodds settle bathtub fall, retirement account suit

By Amelia Flood | Jan 25, 2011

A Madison County couple's involvement in a lawsuit over the husband's fall in a bathtub and his allegedly swiped retirement savings may soon be over.

Plaintiff Thomas Dodd, his soon-to-be-ex wife Carol Dodd, Ameren Services Corporation and the Granite City Steel Federal Credit Union reached a settlement Jan. 7 during mediation which they are asking Circuit Judge William Mudge to approve in lieu of a case management conference on Wednesday.

The Dodds filed to end their marriage of more than 20 years in 2007.

Thomas Dodd filed a civil suit a year later against Carol Dodd, Ameren and the credit union.

In the suit, Thomas Dodd alleged that his wife left him in a bathtub following a fall for days without assistance, food or water.

He then alleged that Carol Dodd forged his signature to empty his Ameren retirement accounts to the tune of more than $180,000.

The suit further contends that Carol Dodd again forged her husband's signature to open two accounts for the money at the Granite City credit union in her name and that of her sister.

Mudge ordered the parties to mediation last year, reiterating the requirement in a December 2010 order that mandated Carol Dodd attend the session.

The mediation took place earlier this month with mediator Michael Constance.

According to the attached settlement agreement, the disputed retirement money – now listed as $181,876.22 – would be released by judicial order to Thomas Dodd.

Carol Dodd would have no claim to that money.

Under the settlement, the Dodds would split their remaining marital property equally, with each getting half.

Thomas Dodd would take away an additional $10,000 for his emotional distress.

Once the Dodds' assets are divided, the cases can be dismissed with prejudice.

All claims including those against Ameren and the credit union and cross claims they filed against Carol Dodd would also be dropped.

Thomas Burkart represents Thomas Dodd.

Alexander Wilson represents Carol Dodd.

Gary Meadows represents Ameren.

James Craney represents the credit union.

The case was previously assigned to former Madison County Circuit Judge Daniel Stack and Madison County Circuit Judge Barbara Crowder.

The case is Madison case number 08-L-606.

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