You wanted tax relief.

You wanted an end to runaway spending, including an end to reckless borrowing to finance the status quo.

You wanted the public sector to live in the same financial world you do; a world where one must be able to look at two numbers and decide which one is greater than the other.

You wanted an end to the ruling class mentality that sets out different laws for those who make them than for those who live under them.

You wanted elected officials who are responsive and who put your interests ahead of the special interests.

You went to the polls on November 2 to send an unmistakable message and they heard you, Illinois.

And so in the recently concluded fall Veto Session, the noblemen in our state's General Assembly passed civil unions for gay couples, debated abolishing the death penalty and legalizing medical marijuana, and borrowed another $1.5 billion to keep the lights on at the Capitol.


You shouldn't be. Your state legislators certainly aren't.

They received your message which, with apologies to McDonald's, was "I'm lovin' it." And so you're getting more of it.

According to the results, the last decade of one party rule has been such a gas you aren't ready to replace the lampshade crowd with by-the-books buzz kills.

Let's face it. You're not really serious about debt and deficits, taxing and spending, education and job creation. That's just so much boring adult talk for pointy-heads and op-ed writers.

If our Lilliputian legislators in Springfield want to wile away their days fighting over the right way to crack open a boiled egg, so be it. They know best. You told them so.

Former Louisiana Governor Earl Long once said, "People don't want good government, they want good entertainment." What an appropriate governor of Illinois he would have made.

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