Citizens should be in charge of Gulf disaster fund

By The Madison County Record | Jun 27, 2010

To the Editor:

To the Editor:

Like sharks circling a wounded whale, the lawyer industry is scheming to devour BP. The news media is full of advertisements by lawyers trolling for clients to participate in a class action lawsuit against BP.

The oil spill catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico does not only affect a class of residents, it affects the whole nation. An ongoing corrupt system of justice should not, cannot, be allowed to rape this nation as a consequence to this disaster.

Massive and endless litigation will occur unless state and federal courts are prevented from interfering in this situation. Those residents who are directly affected by the oil spill will be swindled by the corrupt judicial process. Without constitutional authority, state and federal courts will be creating their phony law.

In a presidential address June 16, President Barack Obama belatedly addressed the Gulf disaster, stating that a compensation fund will be established and be controlled by an independent third party.

State and federal judiciaries or any lawyer, are not independent third parties.

By substantive law, Congress should immediately halt any litigation attempts against BP, in any court, and create a truly independent third party of citizens who have no connection to state or federal judicial branches of government, whatsoever.

Charles Sullivan

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