The mother of a Wirth Middle School student claims school personnel did nothing to protect her seventh-grade son from an eighth-grade bully.

Cheryl Warren filed a lawsuit April 30 in St. Clair County Circuit Court against Cahokia Unit School District No. 187.

Cheryl Warren claims her minor son, Tevin Warren, sat in the gymnasium before school began on May 4, 2009, when an eighth grade student came into the gym and attacked and severely beat him.

"The Plaintiff's family previously made reports about this student to the Defendant that this student had previously had prior incidents with the Plaintiff, Tevin Warren, a Minor, but the Defendant ignored these warnings," the suit states.

Because of the sudden attack, Tevin Warren sustained serious injuries to his head, face and nose; incurred hospital bills; sustained disability and lost his normal life; and suffered great pain and mental anguish, according to the complaint.

Cheryl Warren blames Cahokia for the incident, saying the school district failed to provide security and adult supervision for students in the gym and allowed an eighth-grade student to enter the section of the gym designed to allow only seventh-grade students. In addition, the school district showed an utter indifference and a conscious disregard for the safety or welfare of students using the gym, failed to provide Tevin Warren with a safe place to attend school, failed to keep their students under control and failed to protect Tevin Warren from an attack when they knew of previous incidents between Tevin Warren and the eighth-grade student, the complaint says.

In her four-count complaint, Cheryl Warren seeks a judgment of more than $200,000, plus costs.

Steven E. Katzman of Katzman and Associates in Belleville will be representing her.

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