The attorney representing former real estate developer Rick Jones in a suit against the City of Wood River has asked to end his involvement in case.

Attorney Harry Sterling of Fairview Heights asked to withdraw Feb. 3. The matter is set for hearing before Madison County Circuit Judge David Hylla March 5.

In the motion, Sterling claims that due to a third party action filed since the 2009 case got under way, he can no longer represent Jones.

The Wood River suit was filed last June.

Jones also filed suit that year against Melissa Tucker for allegedly failing to go through with her purchase of real estate owned by Jones.

The Tucker suit also remains pending.

Jones pled guilty to tax evasion in January 2009. He is currently serving a 15 month prison sentence.

Rick Jones sued the City of Wood River for allegedly failing to live up to its end of a contract.

Jones claims that the city was supposed to bear all the costs of developing land around a half acre he gave it in order to build a water tower. He claims the city has not honored the 2005 deal.

Jones seeks damages in excess of $50,000 and costs.

On Jan. 6, attorney Robert Bassett entered his appearance on Jones's behalf.

Sterling states in his withdrawal motion that Jones does not object to his ending his representation.

Wood River has asked that the suit be dismissed.

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