Madison County Circuit Judge Barbara Crowder is set to hear motions in a legal malpractice case over an asbestos settlement that was allegedly too small.

Crowder is set to hear motions in the case against the former Hopkins Goldenberg firm at 9 a.m. Feb 11.

The firm is being sued by Judy Buckles, the widow of a man who died from mesothelioma.

Buckles alleges that firm mishandled the settlement negotiations of her husband's claim and that she could have settled for more money than she did.

Buckles settled the underlying case for $750,000.

The suit was originally filed in 2001, dismissed and then refiled five years later.

The law firm has moved to dismiss the suit. The firm points to Judy Buckles' testimony in a deposition stating she was satisfied with the settlement.

Buckles recently moved for summary judgment.

The last hearing in the case focused on discussing deposition issues.

The suit is set for trial currently Feb. 16 at 9 a.m.

Buckles is represented by Roy Dripps.

The law firm is represented by John Papa.

The case is Madison case number 06-L-588.

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