'The Tyranny Encompassed in the Power to Sue'

By The Madison County Record | Jan 17, 2010

The Tyranny encompassed in the Power to Sue,
in the name of the law is tragically true!

When the power to sue is self policed,
Tyranny's power has been released

When the plaintiff's history can't be revealed,
tis then the lips of Justice are sealed

Talented plaintiffs oft sue pro se,
yet a lawyer is usually showing the way

Behind the scenes and steering the case,
sharing the spoils, not showing their face

When lawyers pocket punitive awards,
ethics and justice are always gored

Tis then the law is a money machine,
tis then the law becomes obscene

Tis then the name of Justice stinks,
tis then the Foundation of a nation sinks!

Tis then extortion acquires respect,
as PAC money gushes to those we elect

Tis then most prey of this Industry learn,
a bitter lesson on their tax returns

They cannot deduct the horrific fees,
they paid to the crooks with law degrees!

Tis then contempt for the law is born,
tis then the ghosts of our forefathers mourn

Tis then Societal Time Bombs are fused,
legally bullied, bilked and abused!

When lawyers run free self governance quits,
and the Bench is the Seat where Tyranny sits

When there is NO limit what lawyers can do,
Tyranny's encompassed in the power to sue

When the vilest plaintiff can destroy a Saint,
in a court of law with no restraint --

When judges deny the acquitted prey
full compensation on Judgment Day

That defines where Justice quits,
and the Bench is the Seat where Tyranny sits!

Thus the nicest citizens, quiet and calm,
are bullied and bilked into a bomb?

This tyranny's immune to cure by election,
Is the only alternative mass insurrection?

The Code of Omerta amongst the attorneys,
Is taking America on a terminal journey.

Ivan L. Fail
Sparta, Mo.

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