A woman has filed suit against an Alton store, alleging she had to undergo surgery on her knee after she tripped over a step at the entrance to the store's garden center.

Rosalie Rock claims she was visiting defendant Farm and Home Supply as a customer of defendant Alton Farm and Home on April 26 when she tripped over a step in the entrance of Farm and Home Supply's garden center.

"That said step up was not painted, marked or otherwise made noticeable to patrons to warn them," the suit states. "That the step up could have easily been leveled or otherwise made safe, but it was not."

Because of her fall, Rock sustained injuries to her right knee, which resulted in surgery, suffered great physical pain and mental anguish and incurred medical costs, the complaint says. In addition, she has been unable to perform her usual activities, endured disability and loss of a normal life and suffered disfigurement, according to the complaint.

Rock blames the defendants for failing to repair the tripping hazard, for failing to keep their premises free from potential tripping hazards, for failing to warn patrons of a potential tripping hazard and for failing to paint the area or to place a warning sign.

Rock is seeking a judgment of more than $50,000, plus costs.

Michael P. Glisson of Williamson, Webster, Falb and Glisson in Alton will be representing her.

Madison County Circuit Court case number: 09-L-1416.

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