Children claim uncle wrongly influenced father on inheritance distribution

By Kelly Holleran | Dec 21, 2011

The children of a recently deceased man are asking the court to declare the man's will void, saying he was wrongly influenced to sign away inheritance money that should have gone to his offspring.

Patricia R. Goodman and Mitchell R. Braun claim their father, Robert Braun, created a will when he lacked the proper mental capacity to perform such an act. In turn, after their father's passing, Goodman and Mitchell Braun lost inheritance money that they claim should have been theirs.

The plaintiffs claim Robert Braun's brother, James P. Braun, influenced him to sign the will that essentially excluded his children from it.

"Defendant, James P. Braun, engaged in a course of conduct intending to alienate or impact the relationship or financial distributions or bequests provided for in estate planning documents of the decedent, Robert Braun, to the detriment of the Plaintiffs, Patricia R. Goodman and Mitchell R. Braun," the suit filed Dec. 14 in St. Clair County Circuit Court states.

Because of James P. Braun's actions, Goodman and Mitchell R. Braun have received significantly less money from the will than they otherwise would have, the suit states.

In their complaint, the plaintiffs are asking the court to rescind the will based on the lack of their father's mental capacity and due to James R. Braun's influence on their father. They also seek an unspecified judgment, plus other relief the court deems just.

Edward J. Blake Jr. of Blake Law Group in Belleville will be representing them.

St. Clair County Circuit Court case number: 11-L-680.

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