If your driver's license is revoked for any reason, you must apply to the Illinois Secretary of State's office to have it returned.

To qualify, you will have to meet varying conditions, depending on why the license was taken away. For example, if your license was revoked due to a DUI (driving under the influence), you have to:

  • Be evaluated for alcohol or drug problems;

  • Successfully complete a rehab or alcohol and drug education program;

  • Appear in front of a Secretary of State hearing officer to re-apply for your license;

  • Show proof of your financial responsibility (generally, proof that you have insurance);

  • Pay a reinstatement fee;

  • Pass the driver's license examinations and pay the fee for a license.

    If your license has been revoked, you may be able to get limited driving privileges if you 1) have a job, or are in school, or need medical treatment, and 2) if you must drive to get there.

    The license will only be good for certain hours and for certain areas or routes. This privilege is conditional.

    In some instances, you can ask the court to provide temporary driving privileges; in others, you have to apply to the Secretary of State.

    The only relief from a statutory summary suspension involves the installation of a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID) on your vehicle (this does not apply to revocations for DUI convictions).

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