KSM trial is political

By The Madison County Record | Nov 22, 2009

To the editor:

To the editor:

President Barack Obama continues to display his incompetence by directing Attorney General Eric Holder to prosecute Khalid Sheik Mohammad in a federal court.

Mohammad has already confessed to the 911 terrorist act. Why is a federal civilian court so stupidly incompetent that it goes along with this Obama dog and pony show? Why is a competent confession ignored by the Court?

Because the Federal Courts are as political as Obama. The only question to be decided by a jury (if the Court dares to allow a jury) should be the punishment for this terrorist act, not whether he is guilty or not.

Democratic liars and apologists say that Obama has nothing to do with the prosecution and it is not political. This is a blatant lie.

Their Courts (judge's and lawyer's), have lost the trust and respect of U.S. residents. This trial will not restore trust or respect for Courts, state or federal. Federal and state civil courts have become arenas of extortion and anarchy. Criminal courts are too often excessive in the punishment of trivial crimes or acts that should not be criminal.

Rule of the Courts have made it impossible for pro se citizens to petition Courts for their grievances in violation of the mandate of the U.S. Constitution. There is no equity in the Courts. To petition government is a right, not a privilege. Read the First Amendment.

The upcoming trial of Mohammad will mark the beginning of the end of the corrupt U.S. judicial system.

Charles D. Sullivan

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